What’s the most annoying thing about being a man?

I don’t think there’s anything annoying about being man.So let alone “most annoying”. We are different and that’s it!
But… If I wanted to take over something from the women, then it would be the orgasm.Wablief! How can I believe that now? I cannot imagine what it is without being a woman!
I still do not know.With the descriptions that I have already heard, I think I can make an idea of it.
If I have to believe it, the “Total Bliss” from the Tantra massage should approach the closest female orgasm.High time I’m going to discover that then.

I admit that being a man is really an advantage over being a woman, but there are some drawbacks to it.

Choice to get older

A woman can let a child abort, but a man can not take away from it indie she loves the child.A solution is the “paper abortion” proposal, which would allow men to dispose of parental rights and duties during pregnancy. I can’t believe how so-called pro-choice feminists are against this, with arguments like “you need to use contraceptives” or “you have to take your responsibility” or “the life of the child is more important than your free choice”. That is literally what opponents of abortion say, but hey a woman can of course choose and a man has to pay if she likes the child for one-sided choice. Funny enough, some other feminists are the greatest proponents of this proposal, because they are consistently for free choices.

Parental recognition

If two partners are unmarried, the father of a child is not automatically recognized as a father.And to be that, you need the mother’s permission. It can refuse that, and then a man must fight it through the course of justice. But hey, there are always the spoiled feminists who think that a woman has the right to the child and the money of the man. They want the man to work and nourish the woman, and at the same time they call themselves free fought. Very weird.


Men are really disadvantaged in guardianship cases.Many feminists argue that this is because “men look less at children” but that would be like the Moroccan standard guilty because Moroccans commit more crime on average. In addition, it gives to traditional sex roles, but to my experience most feminists who are not quite as bad as they claim.

Sexual abuse

I often hear people say “sexual abuse towards men is taken less seriously”.That is not a proper description of the situation; What is seen from man to woman as sexual abuse is sometimes not seen as sexual abuse at all. I’m a kid or molebed by a drunk girl at a party and that wasn’t really fine. No one did anything and I wonder if I had made a declaration (I don’t know her so that’s too late now) that would count at all as a sexual assault. Incidentally, I do not blame anyone for this double standard in the legal system, I understand that when sexual assault/rape is a man-to-woman, it does not mean, of course, that it is a fair situation, especially when one And this is being dismissed.

What comes down to me is that a man is a privilege, but there are certainly drawbacks to it.Men’s rights activists collect all sorts of averages, such as suicide numbers, on which feminists then react by blaming “toxic masculinity” for all the complaints a man can have (especially so that they don’t have to worry about those Paper abortion they are so opposed to). I prefer to hold on to absolute facts and adequate cases of sexism towards men.

PS #notallfeminists, I am talking here about the majority who especially thinks that women should get everything from the government or from men, which is very contradictory to the classic ideal of the free-spirited woman

That women or feminists think that being a man in our society is better than being a woman.Because we are so supposedly living in a patriarchal society. And they demand for more equality, but only when it suits them.

I wish there was a machine with which you could temporarily change the body so that men and women could experience what it is like to live as the opposite sex.That would prevent many misunderstandings.

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