What’s the most absurd you’ve ever experienced?

I’ve ever written here a piece titled “Welcome to Absurdistan”.

Well, this is “Welcome to Absurdistan Part 2”.

It happened during my civic integration course.I was only fired from the hospital where I had previously ended up with tumor in my lung and operated. After a week at home I went back to school.

It was a beautiful warm spring day so I wore a dress with short sleeves, although the bruises on my arms of the infusion and injections were still visible.Els, the Inburgeringsco√∂rdinator, threw a look at it when I bought a bottle of mineral water from the machine. “Do you want to come to me after class?” she asked.

When I walked in her office, she sat behind her desk.
“Sit Down”.
“I think you understand that I have to make a comment in your dossier when I notice something strange to a student”.
“How do you mean?”
“I mean those bruises on your arms”.
“This is due to the infusion and the punctured.I have two weeks in the hospital “.
“Hospital are you saying?You don’t have to worry me, I have enough experience with this kind of business “.
“How do you mean?”
“You understand very well what I mean”.
Does she sometimes think that I am on drugs?
“You can call the AMC hospital and they are going to confirm that I am telling the truth”.
“In our country, citizens ‘ privacy is protected.I understand you, you have grown up somewhere where corruption prevails and your private information is accessible to everyone, I find that very annoying for you, but this is not a third world here. And you will get used to it sooner or later, although it might be emotionally stressful for you “she says with very exaggerated mimics and articulation as if I were a toddler on consultation with speech therapist.
“In This case how can I prove that I do not Lieg?”
“You don’t have to prove anything.It is my work and I know all your excuses. You are accustomed to live so, I find it very much for you, but in this country it is not allowed. Therefore, you are entitled to seek refuge from a stay of my body house. “
“What kind of house?”
“A stay of my body house” is a place where the women who are beaten can find protection.
“I’m not beaten at all, I told you I was in the hospital where I got an infusion.”
“I just said that I know all your excuses, I have enough experience with women like you.You don’t have to defend him at all, he doesn’t have the right… “
“Listen, I’m done with it now.I was in the hospital for two weeks where I was surgery and investigated whether in lung cancer and in this nonsense of you I have no sense at all. Do you understand that? “
“Yes, yes, I understand.You don’t have to worry about anything or worry about it. Here is a leaflet with the telephone numbers of the stay of my body houses in Amsterdam. You just have to hide it properly so that he can’t find it “.

I believe this was Mrs PDF format.She was like a read only file where you couldn’t customize anything. I have specified it. I took the folder with it and threw it in the trash.

Luckily I haven’t seen her anymore, because Els got another job somewhere, but instead of her we got Anneke.Bruises I had no more and luckily no cancer so about the career training that was held by Anneke I was optimistic at first.

Anneke had a pile of lists of the most sought after occupations on the Dutch labour market.She first called the name of a student to first try to get out together but if the hair became too difficult, she just gave him the list and suggested that the student read it quietly at home to make a professional choice.

“Ida, what have you done in Serbia?”
“In Croatia”.
“No matter what you did in your country of origin”.
“I worked for a film studio as a personal assistant to a filmmaker”.
“Is that a kind of secretary?”
“No, not really”.
“Just grab the list and look at it quietly”.
“Samir, what’s your profession?”
“Can you work as a car mechanic, for example?”
“Actually I am an architect”.
“Oh, just grab a list then!”
“Sawsan, what’s your profession?”
“I am a gynaecologist”.
Nice!If you follow training, you can work as a nurse! “
“Ibrahim, what is your profession?”
“I am a pilot”.
“That’s nice too.There are plenty of vacancies at Schiphol. Security Example “.
“Hussein, what is your profession?”
“I’m… I was student mathematics.But I am not allowed to work, I am an asylum seeker.
“Is that so?Shouldn’t you work? “

Does she believe that seriously?Does she really give career training?
“Mimouna, you?”
“I have no profession”.
The voice of Anneke suddenly sounded determined.
“Why not appeal?Housewife is also a profession. If you’re a housewife, you can’t say you’re not doing anything. In fact, now you can get everything you want. What do you want to be, Mimouna? “
“A housewife”.
“No, you don’t understand.You were a housewife, but now you can get everything you want. Who do you want to become?
“A housewife!”
“Mimouna, listen to me!In Morocco Maybe a woman hears to sit at home. This is discrimination and oppression of women, that does not belong. As a woman, you can become anything you want, just like man. But now you are in the Netherlands. You can be anything, what you want, you get? Really everything! You are no longer limited! Don’t have a dream? Now is the time to make your dreams come true! Who did you want to become when you were small? “
“A housewife!!!”

It was indeed the time to make our dreams come true.Of all of us, Mimouna was almost the only one who succeeded.

I was on holiday in France once.When I returned to work, there was a sober portrait and a vase of flowers on my desk. What turned out, during my vacation, they had read a death advertisement in the newspaper of a man from my city, with my name and of about my age who had fallen into a ravine in France and had broken his neck. They had gone blind when I was dead. But in reality that fell enormously.

I was a year or 14 and looked at some distance to a group of young people who were in a circle.

One of the young people suggested that it is possible to make someone faint.A boy stepped forward and challenged this. He also offered himself directly as a guinea pig.

And so to pass… The boy was asked to express a TIG number of times, to do burpees and other strenuous exercises, after which he, breathless, immediately had to breathe deeply and hold his breath.

As a precaution, a few others were behind him to catch him, possibly.

The experiment succeeded.

The boy fainted.However, he did not sit back , but forgave and lost two teeth.

The behavior of the staff at my son’s school.

I had read about Wurg sex before and that the lack of air could bring about a whirl.I also read that children in schools deliberately strinted each other to get into a whirl, first in the USA but also in Europe (known in France as ‘jeu du foulard‘, the scarves game, KNOWN in NL as the suffocation).Both Wurg sex and the suffocating game can fatally expire, but yes, I never stood still that in a cottage-tree-Beestjeland as Luxembourg also happened.

Until my son came home one day and described that other children were strinded, sometimes with a rope.Luckily, he didn’t do it myself. The most absurd was the lauwe reaction of the staff: Yes this is dangerous, yes we are going to look at it, but in the end something has been done. Still there is plenty of strangled at this school. It is as far as I am concerned to really wait for the first fatal accident.

This was just an example, also on heavy assault (a child who afrost another with a wooden ruler) and an adult relative of a child harassing another child after school by bothering to follow, was arrested with little verve.’ Well sir, it happened outside school, I was not there. ‘ I have threatened Linea recta to go to the police and the school Inspectorate if it happened once again. And when my son was harassed by other children, was thrown on the ground and with his hand fell into a dog’s head, the reaction of the square was waiting: ‘ Go wash your hands, your hand stinks ‘ and the same square waits gave him another time when some guys Harassed even punishment… Because of fighting.

And that’s not an incident, many parents and educators are dissatisfied with the most lousy education at Luxembourg elementary schools.And that’s when teachers earn 2 to 3 times as much as in the Netherlands.

Parents in Luxembourg, you are a hat for Luxembourgish elementary education.

I went with a Dutch girlfriend from me to the town Hall (in Flanders) when she wanted to register in the population register.She received from the official a leaflet from the agency Integrating & Integration on a Dutch course for other speakers while she had just arranged everything in Dutch. When she said in perfect Dutch that she didn’t need it, he reassured her that she could follow the course for free and that he really recommended newcomers to follow the course.

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