Here is a list of the Longest Lasting Car Waxes on the market.

  • CarGuys Hybrid Wax Sealant.
  • Chemical Guys WAC Butter Wet Wax.
  • Nu Finish Liquid Car Polish.
  • Meguiar’s G17516 Ultimate Quik Wax.
  • Meguiar’s G12718 NXT Generation Tech Wax 2.0.
  • Meguiar’s Black Wax.
  • Turtle Wax 50734 Complete 6-Piece Compound.

Similarly, how long does Turtle Wax last?

Turtle Wax is Tough Stuff

It goes on easily, wipes off with a little rubbing, and protects for 2-3 months.

Does rain wash away car wax?

The answer is YES! And you should wax it too. The wash and wax will allow your vehicle to shed the water off so it does as little damage to the paint as possible. While rain by itself won’t hurt your paint job, rain mixed with city pollution can have a detrimental effect.

Can I wax my car every week?

As a professional detailer and lover of cars, washing your car once a week is perfectly fine. Waxing once a week is very much overdoing it to the point that you end up waxing the wax and not the finish. It also has a lot to do with how you are waxing your vehicle.

How can I make my car shine without wax?

Now dump the soapy water, and rinse the bucket with water, ensuring there isn’t any dirt or sand in the bottom of the container. Fill the bucket with two cups of water, and mix with 1/2 cup hair conditioner, which you can pick up at the dollar store. Use a clean microfiber cloth to smooth over your car.

Is Turtle Wax any good?

Super-Hard Shell Wax by Turtle Wax is the market leading car wax. It does go on as smooth as a dream, and it does do a perfectly good (if unremarkable) job of deepening the lustre and shine of paintwork. But in an honest review, its ease of use where this product really falls down.

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Which Meguiars products to use?


  • Wash – I like Nxt or Gold Class wash.
  • Clay as needed – Meguiars Quick Clay or Smooth Surface CLay is best.
  • Clean – Deep Crystal (DC) #1 is a good mild cleaner, very easy to use.
  • Polish – DC#2, or #7 are both good polishes to use by hand.
  • Wax – I like Nxt Tech Wax.
  • Wax – Remember, 2 thin coats is best.

How often should you spray wax a car?

Experts commonly recommend that you should apply a car wax to your vehicle once every three months at the least. Some kinds of wax are made to work more often than that. For those who are obsessed with maintaining the perfect wax finish, that might even include products meant to be used every few days.

Is spray on car wax good?

Spray waxes provide a great durable shine and UV protection. Even though most Carnauba paste waxes can last six or more months, the spray wax surpasses most synthetic paste wax protection time with an incredible two months of durability. Spray wax is one of the most effective ways to wax your car quickly and easily.

Can you wax your car too much?

Myth: You can wax your car too much. Therefore, any car wax product you would be using would not contain any form of abrasives or chemical cleaners, so unless you are so OCD and neurotic as to want to wax your car every day for years, the idea of waxing your car too much is just not true.

What is the best auto wax?

The Best Car Wax

  • Aero Cosmetics Wash Wax All Wet.
  • P21S 12700W Carnauba Wax.
  • Car Guys Premium Liquid Wax.
  • G7014J Gold Class Carnauba Plus Premium Paste Wax.
  • Meguiar’s A2216 Deep Crystal Carnauba Wax.
  • Collinite No.
  • OPT SW2008P Optimum Car Wax. See More Reviews.
  • Griot’s Garage 10962 Spray-On Wax. See More Reviews.

Correspondingly, what is the most durable car wax?

Top 10 Best Car Waxes 2020

  1. Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax. View on Amazon.
  2. CarGuys Hybrid Wax. View on Amazon.
  3. Turtle Wax Wax & Dry. View on Amazon.
  4. Collinite Auto Wax. View on Amazon.
  5. Adam’s Polishes Buttery Car Wax. View on Amazon.
  6. P21S Carnauba Wax. View on Amazon.
  7. Mothers California Gold Liquid Wax.
  8. Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax.
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Likewise, how long does synthetic car wax last? approximately 6 to 8 weeks

Is paste wax better than liquid?

Compared to paste wax, liquid waxes are gentler on your car’s finish. They are a better choice for newer cars or those with well-preserved finishes. Paste wax typically contains more solvents and wax than liquid formulas, making paste more effective in removing old paint and embedded dirt.

How long does Meguiars cleaner wax last?

It’s carnauba + polymers, and lasts a pretty long time. It’s the only Meguiar’s thing I would use. Cleaner wax isn’t ideal, and Meguiar’s Gold Class wax only lasts about two days.

Is Meguiars Ultimate Liquid Wax good?

Meguiar’s synthetic polymers do a good job of repelling water and making dirt and bug messes easier to clean up. Durability and longevity results, however, are mixed. Applied correctly, you can easily get a six-month layer, but the wax layer isn’t as easy to make last as long as traditional carnauba waxes.

How long does wax on a car last?

6 months

Will Turtle Wax remove scratches?

Buffing an area with polishing or rubbing compounds removes scratches and blemishes, but they also remove wax. Clean the treated area and reapply wax using Turtle Wax Super Hard Shell Paste Wax, Turtle Wax ICE Spray Wax or Turtle Wax ICE Seal N Shine. Your preferred wax method will restore shine and protect the paint.

Is Meguiars cleaner wax any good?

This 3-in-1 car wax is also safe and effective on clear coat, single stage, and all glossy paints. Whether working by hand, orbital or dual action polisher, like Meguiar’s MT300 DA Polisher, Cleaner Wax Paste does a great job cleaning, polishing and protecting paint.

Will washing your car remove wax?

Washing your car will not remove wax if you’re using a car wash soap. Although, frequent washing could cause your wax to fade quicker than normal.

Can you leave car wax on too long?

Leaving wax on your car too long is BAD. The wax will harden, and become more difficult to remove (not evening out, extra elbow grease). If you get called away after applying wax to your car, remember to wipe it off as soon as possible.