What’s the coolest thing to do if you’re in Las Vegas for 3 days?

Three days is long for such a turbulent place.We enjoyed the wide desert just as well as we left Vegas after 2 days again.

In Hotel Circus!Circus! We had a great reception. Already right from the parking garage Kakel fur years 70 high pile carpet and chosen kitsch. Circus Circus was a real show with clowns and acrobats. And outside, on the Strip, nothing is too crazy: Gondoliers who paddle around by a fake Venezia, a great show of fountains with light and Chinese music and singing, and in Hotel New York a roller coaster in Coney Island style that denels in and out of the building. This mood of excited astonishment struck us when the saturation point was reached.

That ushered in with some incidentjes.For example: To my horror I took a wrong escalator somewhere and almost ended up in a strip club on the upper floor of a kind of reconstructed Gare du Nord. My kids watched me with big eyes. By moving on to another treadmill very quickly, I could still just make a right.

Outrageous and crackling is Vegas.Everywhere is a lot of sound, one attraction tries to overcast the other, and all those exclamation marks work exhausting. We had a tiring and long drive through rock climbing that day. Perhaps after three, four hours of Desin, we became somewhat annoyed and irritated, our senses became overburdened. Relieved we took the monorail to our luxury hotel room, slept wonderfully, took a dip in the pool and then left with a sigh of enlightenment the city behind us.

I find Las Vegas fun and amusing for a little while, but the illusion is so razor thin that I see very quickly what Las Vegas really is: a box of visible and often quite tasteless superlatives, which, incidentally, are brought with a lot of technical inventiveness.I don’t need to go back there.

Since 1997 I visit Las Vegas 1 or 2 x a year.It is a very dynamic city that has a lot to offer. Most Dutch people take this city on a tour and are there for up to 24 hours and sleep in Circus Circus or Excalibur. In This short time you cannot make this city own, but you can see the complete craziness of that city that you keep up with. If you stay for 3 days in Vegas I recommend you the followed things up:

1) Sleep in a beautiful resort like Bellagio or The Venetian or at least centrally located on the Strip, cheaper and hip for example Planet Hollywood.

2) Visit Down Town in the evening and enjoy the old Las Vegas and the Fremont Street Experience (light show)

3) Take a gamble or learn to learn a casino game, many Casino s give free lessons in for example craps (dice game) on our website OneTime.nl | All about casino games, scholarship, lottery, money and more you can read all about Vegas and the games of chance they have there.Go crazy and play bingo with hundreds especially older people;-)

4) Vegas is a culinary city with brilliant and also expensive restaurants, you love good food here you are very good.A super good and pricey buffet ($60) is in The Wynn and really advisable.

5) Many tourists pack the rollercoaster at New York New York Hotel/Casino and go to do the attractions on stratosphere with a fantastic view over the Strip (Main Street with all the Casino s)

6) If you have a car it is also nice to drive around in Vegas and then go to the local casino resorts there you will get value for your dollar.You can also grab one of the Mega cinemas or go bowling with 50 jobs next to each other. The Pinball Museum I recommend you if you are a 45 +:-)

And take a long day out to hike from resort to resort and breathe the energy of this wacky city.Possibly a visit to a cool hip club and of course a cool show. From David Cooperfield to O by Cirque du Soleil. Of course not the beautiful fountains show at Bellagio a few x see in the evening and the volcanoes of the Mirage.

3 Days is a perfect mix to discover the city and be happy to leave this craziness again if you have never been there.Enjoy

Make you come away before you have lost all your money;-)