What’s the best thing you’ve ever come across?

I think that’s actually pretty often.Already in small things. In addition, I still have a whole life for me so I can’t conclude now what is best.
However, I can state what is what has changed me in the most positive sense as a human being or let me say it has made me want to be a better person.

My son has been my salvation.My pregnancy was unplanned-not undesirable and came to me at the right time. I was very very depressed and actually I had something like this it is, then I don’t need it anymore.
After my first suicide attempt at my fifteenth I had intended to do something like that not again.I loved that for 6 years, in the meantime I hurt myself in many other ways. From starvation to damaging myself.
Hence my conclusion, if this is life, just feel pain mentally.Then it doesn’t need it for me.

Then I met a nice guy.He was still there, and later he turned out to be borderline and quite a few narcissistic treks. I was attracted to him because his life just like mine was in mess probably. Together we can do the world. We thought. Anyway, when I became pregnant with him, we didn’t have it all in a row, both mentally and in terms of housing all that kind of business. I realised that (despite the fact that it was not relevant at that time) suicide was no longer an option and again that it should never be an option again. You kill yourself, that’s one thing. Now I would have a baby in my belly and later a baby in my arms. Unacceptable. At that moment I realised that I could no longer behave like I did now and actually didn’t want that anyway. I immediately stopped physically misping myself and started a new path, the path where the ‘ life ‘ was central.

4 years later > > Of course there was no remedy for this.You can behave better, the pain you have will not go away. I completely calculated myself against my husband and compensated for him wherever he was lacking my son. Eventually he turned out to be in bed with others from the beginning of our relationship, and finally he indicated that he could not meet me. Interesting not where? Of course I also had a role, I was not my best version, but that I never had been with him and I never ever could have been.

The enumeration.Okay I decided for myself that I choose for life. That was a good choice. From my son I was sincerely delighted and I realized how much I missed to be able to give love. For a long time I thought I was unable to do so! The opposite was fortunately true.
In addition, I realized that I could do the actions of a mother, give your child food, read a booklet, but that doesn’t make you a good mother.A good mother does not ignore herself. A mother is an example of what a child looks like, so what do i show my son now when I figure myself away and not for myself. Not a good example. The treatment I myself received as a child was also terrible, now I got the chance to do better.

I was looking for help with an instance.Went back to behave like I really was, the I got inside. I didn’t just lived, I went there for fighting. For my own land, for myself. That caused a tornado to change in my life. After the divorce I found a small but fine cottage for us two, I got a much better job and as a slap on the fire arrow (all in the same period) I found my old classmate back literally and figuratively. He also stood on the edge of a great choice, continue with life as he lived (very unhappy) or dive into the adventure that I presented him.

I thought to myself is this not a pitfall?I haven’t seen this so before.
But then I thought to myself, no, I’m not the same person, as then and got the relationship stepped in with clear boundaries.This was a real eye opener for him. ‘ So it can be so too ‘. Since the day we talked to each other, we have actually (mentally) no longer been detached from each other. It felt good, now, six years later? It feels a thousand times better. Because we both constantly work on it. That tornado to positive energy-which still rages in our lives!

My son has chosen me for life.I have called him Aaron, ‘ the enlightened ‘ or ‘ mountain of strength ‘ (I came back later). I chose a Hebrew name because I have it myself, mine means ‘ he/she may laugh ‘. And it’s true. My soul always laughs. Despite everything, I have lost my smile, my inner flame, and now, by all the positive change I can shine again!

The birth of my daughter.This may sound very clich脙 漏, but attending the childbirth and the mensje that emerged at that time, the responsibility and indescribable love that you are given by life that is the best thing that happened to me and I also never wanted to Miss.

Something that happens to me every morning when I get up… that I’m still there…

Medicated Cannabis oil against my rheumatic arthritis and my depresses 鈧?娄

And something else very important, but I cannot mention that here, but is so incredibly important for my future…

‘, ‘ Mario Draghi, who had the euro devaluated, by means of quantitative easing, in Anno 2014 to ‘ paper toilette ‘ compared to the US dollar.All my savings were in USD and I couldn’t complain about the result a year later when I converted it back in EUR.

“, ‘… To have faith that Jesus Christ lives and died for our sins, that man should live forever.Not wrong, right? 🙂

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