What’s so troubling about Donald Trump?

I find the fact that he deceives others and that all you know is when you look at who he is allying is that he is.And that doesn’t bode well.

Example: Trump and the Koch Brothers

Trump tweeted during the 2015 and 2016 campaigns that he was not taking money from the billionaire and politically influential Koch brothers and any of the competitors in the Republican presidential primaries who did that were their puppets. [1 The purpose of this demarcation was to reassure voters that Trump was an independent candidate.

Nevertheless, sitting orKoch’s network has been in Trump’s administration – with Vice President Mike Pence even prominently – and have had a significant impact on his policies: withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement, deregulation on the environment, tax cuts, ultimately failed health reform[2 and the reform of the prison system. [3 The only thing the Koch brothers disagree with is Trump’s foreign trade policy.They also distanced themselves from his inflammatory rhetoric. Still, they continue to support Trump, but now more cautiously about ties. Because by supporting Republican candidates in the 2020 House and Senate elections, which in turn support Trump’s policies, they are ultimately strengthening Trump. [4

So, while Trump and the Koch brothers outwardly affirm their mutual dislike, they work hand in hand.And with his rhetorical disapproval, Trump deceives those voters who reject the influence of these industry captains and fear disadvantages from their policies.

It must be noted here that it is already known from Trump’s business dealings that he deceives others for his own benefit.He has repeatedly bruised business partners, including many small and medium-sized enterprises. [5 [6 Voters could therefore have been warned.


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