What’s so nice about looking at Formula 1?

For the ‘ average Dutchman ‘ this is Max Verstappen.
Hence the prominence and attention to the F1 increases so enormously with the climax of the election of Zandvoort as new F1 circuit from 2020.
I am convinced that as Max Verstappen would be active as motorcyclist the motorcycling would have been more popular now.

I think the Dutch are not very nationalistic, but sport is an exception.Think of Ajax in the Champions League.

And somewhere there is something to say: It would be great if that new fresh talent Max Verstappen, who rides aggressive and offensive, wins from that dull Vettel and the champion Hamilton?

Might not answer your question, but do a statement!

The Formula 1 for me is a team sport where a driver pulls everything from herself and his “tailor-made” bolide and tries to make the best possible result that 20 to 22 races every two weeks on different circuits around the world.

From 0 to 300 in incredible speed, go straight in curves.

The necessary responsiveness to achieve this is immense.

The bolide itself is tied to a lot of rules.It is the art of car manufacturers to do this as efficiently as possible, to give the driver as much power, braking power, aerodynamics and fuel efficiency as possible, for example, so that the best performance can be done. In addition, the tyres are made by a manufacturer and are the same for everyone. There are three different types and the teams to choose the best for their bolide in the applicable rules.

It’s nice to see how teams make progression, as drivers drop a quick lap that wasn’t considered possible.But the most beautiful are the catching up actions. You can then, according to me, see who is talentfull and has brain capacity to defend himself without compromising on too much performance.

All this together makes it beautiful for me to see.

The cars are the pinnacle of engineering, every little detail is taken into account in the design to have the least possible loss and the best balancing between grip and speed.In terms of development, they are at the front. In the past, Olav Mol always had an item in which he walked through the pits and showed all the small changes to the cars. An edge so a wingpiece sister. Nice to see what the teams all try for that little bit extra. And every now and then there are completely new concepts that no one had thought of. As drivers who influence the airflow with their leg so that they have less resistance on a straight piece.

Furthermore, it is exciting when you are driving on the edge to catch up with someone.How football fans sit on the edge when a goal attempt is underway, so I sit on the tip of my chair as drivers they drive through a cornering combination. (They are going to hit each other, who Delft is the one)

In addition, there is the tactics, there is a team next to the track that exactly looks when the best moment for a driver to get in.Next, there is a pit stop where you can return the car in 3 seconds, but replace 4 tyres. There’s only a little small to go wrong or places lost or tactics can go over board.

Of course there are the spectacular crashes, but for me that is a side issue.

Unfortunately, there are also a lot of boring races, where there is hardly any overtaken and a dominant team is assured of victory after a few laps.

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