What’s one thing most people do, but you don’t?

I repeat the small and seemingly “unimportant things” every day.Most people do not perform the small actions because they seem unimportant to them. But I see it differently. Consequently, after some time, this view leads to the small actions having joined in a large whole, and I have huge results that seem incomprehensible to others.

  • I say to my girlfriend every day that I love her and look her deep in the eye.

The result: the relationship is much more beautiful!

  • I eat some vegetables and/or fruit every day.
  • “An apple a Day keeps the Doctor away!” This saying goes in the right direction, because after years of this small decision, one has done a lot of good to his body.The result: I live healthier!

  • I answer a question that is close to my heart, as much as every day, on Quora.
  • The result: after one year at least 365 answers!

  • I care a lot about my friendships. At least once a week I meet with them, I talk, or
  • in the worst case scenario, I write with each of them. This leads to a strong bond between us and I am very happy to have my friends! The result: more beautiful and profound friendships!

  • When shopping, I am always looking for the cheapest product, but it is still of high quality. This saves me “the little money” again and again and can thus show a lot of savings after a certain time.
  • The result: better use of money and, above all, more savings.

  • At least once a month, on average, I give a big speech on stage.
  • So I can already present more than 100 speeches and i am getting better and better in speaking.The result: I am improving my reach as a speaker and becoming a better speaker.

  • I walk at least once a day for 15 to 30 minutes. This always allows me to move, even if I am cooled or injured. The result: a healthier mind and body.
  • I could continue this list for hours, but I think my message has come over.Many people don’t do the little things, because they are very easy to make, but also very easy not to do! I see the small actions and decisions as seeds for a beautiful garden. The more I see of it in the course of my life, the more beautiful the flowers thrive in it, and I find myself in the ultimate paradise on earth!

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