What’s new in Apple iOS 12?

Performance (Ed. Change)

iOS became faster and more responsive

Camera up to 70% faster

Keyboard up to 50% faster

App’s launch twice as fast

improved performance, up to iPhone 5s and iPad Air


“For you” you can see your photos in your library with special photos and effect recommendations that are suggested

“Sharing” recommend proactively photos tu share with friends like on Google Photos

Search for photos by:

  • Place
  • Business name
  • Event

RAW support for editing images


“Portrait Mode” retains fine details between motif and background

QR codes Easier to scan as an auxiliary frame appears

Camera effects in FaceTime transform your appearance in real time (rather facetime theme)


Memoji a personalised character that is diverse and entertaining, wink and stretch out their tongue

3D Touch the keyboard spacebar (even devices without 3d Touch) to turn your keyboard into a trackpad

Screen time

See the time you spent in apps (social media, productivity, etc.)

Screen Time provides detailed information to help you find the right balance between mobile phone use and real living (not to look as much mobile phone should be avoided, whether it helps is questionable but frightening how often you look).

App limits allow you to specify how much time you or your child spend in apps and websites.


Notifications from the same app are automatically grouped (my favorite feature)

Man can also switch off notifications from certain apps above the lock screen

as well as notifications silently in the lock screen.That they are not interrupted by whatever they do.


Siri shortcuts a faster way to get things done by laying down specific tasks with words they define, so they can trigger or activate the tasks faster by saying the keyword.

Siri suggests shortcuts on the memory screen and in search

Motorsport results, schedules, for Formula 1, MotoGP etc.

Search for:

  • Photos
  • Time
  • Place
  • People
  • Topics to find relevant photos and memories in photos with Siri

Translating sentences into multiple languages (40 languages)

Turn flashlight on or off with Siri (if the “off” button is too busy)

More natural voice now also in South African English, Irish English, Danish, Norwegian, Cantonese and Mandarin (Taiwan)

Augmented Reality

ARKit 2 to help developers create innovative AR apps

Persistence allows developers to save and reload experiences right where they left off

Object recognition and image tracking provide developers with new tools to recognize real objects and track images as they move through space

AR Quick Look extends AR in iOS so you can share AR objects with built-in apps like Safari and e.g. iMessage and Mail

Measuring with the Augmented Reality App (measuring things with the camera)

Privacy and security

Intelligent tracking prevention in Safari prevents embedded content and social media buttons from tracking cross-site browsing without your permission

Suppresses the retargeting function of ads (so that the green bike (which you don’t want to buy anyway) appears on every single page you visit)

Reused passwords are marked under Settings > “Passwords and Accounts”

Security code is automatically recognized by iOS and can only be inserted by clicking.

Sharing passwords with contacts is easier than ever with AirDrop of “passwords and accounts” in settings

Apple Books

New design and other little things…

Apple Music

the search now supports the lyrics so you can use a few words to find a track

New Charts (Apple Charts)

and other little things…

Apple News

Apple News has been redesigned to make it easier to find new channels and topics.

and other little things…

Shares (App)

New design lets you easily view stock quotes, interactive charts, and top news on iPhone and iPad

and other little things…

Voice notes

New design with improved usability

iCloud therefore saves your recordings on all your devices possible

Apple Podcasts

Now supports chapters for shows

Skip 30 seconds or to the next chapter with forward and back buttons on your headphones or in the car (carplay)

Sonsige improvements

CarPlay supports Google Maps (juhu)

Weather includes the air quality index

Automatic software updates, automatic installation of iOS updates overnight