What’s hard for you, but do other people make it look easy?

Difficult to explain.I also do not know what the word is for this.

It may fall under the heading “Smalltalk”.I often see it happening around me, on the street or anywhere:

A: “Hee!How-is-ie? “

B: “Yes, good joh!”

A: “With the kids also everything OK?”

B: “Yes, everything is good at home”

B: “You also have everything OK?”

A: “Yes Joh, you know.Just his little “

B: “Nice man!Hey, do you hate, we speak to each other huh? “

An entire conversation in just forty (!) words.

Spontaneous, volatile encounters between two acquaintances and the exchange of Superficities…

I observe well, learned how to do it, but I keep finding this difficult while it seems like other people are very natural and easy to see.

If I were to let go, then the conversation that follows a spontaneous encounter with a known one would get this form:

A: “Hee!How-is-ie? “

Sebastian: “Hey, what fun you see here!Yeah, I feel pretty good actually today. That sun makes me so much good. Little slept though, but that doesn’t give. The sleep I have had was obviously deep enough and I have been able to recover from that heavy day in the garden yesterday “

A: “Ah… Uh… With the kids everything okay? “

Sebastian: “Sure!So much fun that you ask Joh! Jantje could hardly sleep yesterday evening. After reading 21 Suske and Wiskes together with him, he finally won himself. Pietje had a nightmare and put it on a scream last night. His window was open so the whole neighborhood had it over there this morning. “

Sebastian: “Tell, how is that at your home?”

A: “Yes, uh, well, you know…”

Sebastian: “Huh?No, I really don’t have a clue. Tell me, how is that at your home?! “

138 words…

And then I warm up just a pity that my interlocutor has often apologized and fled away…

No tipping in a restaurant/caf茅.If the service was minimal or even under the size. My father always gives tip everywhere and has always forced me to do so. That is why I now have the idea for myself that it is a kind of obligation, while tipping, of course, should not necessarily be. Well it is an unwritten rule. A kind of social norm that I experience.

A part of my group of friends can easily just pay without tipping.They feel very normal. In fact, they don’t even think about it. When I checkout I always sit with questions in my head like should I tip and how much?If the service was good I give Grati anyway.But even if the service was minimal I feel a kind of urge to tip. I don’t hope they think I’m stingy out for example.

I also have a girlfriend * don’t mention names * that almost never gives tip, or really very minimal.While the service was top. Then we have eg. Still sitting there talking to the employees. For example, the account is 20.90 and then she says ‘ make only 21 of ‘. Then I really want to sink through the ground. I know that this is not at all weird for many. Maybe it’s even more common?

When I was working in a restaurant there were also people who gave 10 cents gratuited.But it therefore very happy said. Like ‘ ‘ That will be 39.90 please ‘ ‘, ‘ ‘ just make it 40 of hear ‘ ‘. Whereupon I had to say very thankful ‘ ‘ Ah thank you say! ‘ ‘.

Perhaps because I have worked in the hospitality industry, I am so fixated on this.

There is no right or wrong answer, as to the issue of a tip.But for me a disliked subject, while many others often don’t even dwell on it.

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