What’s bad about burning plastic? Surely it is somehow in our environment.

Bart van Herk puts the finger on a sore spot where many people-also, or even especially in the environmental movement-don’t want to talk about it.Polyethylene PE Burns cleaner than natural gas. So there is little reason to say that it should not be burnt after it has already proven its service as a plastic. But the problem is that there are many plastics that you cannot say. This is especially true for many chlorinated polymers such as chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) PVC, PVDC and more. Dioxins may occur when they are incinerating, which is very questionable.

It would be a good thing if the evildoers under the polymers were better identified and subjected to legal restrictions.But then also the Greens have to agree on their blunt condemnation of everything that is plastic. And yes, technological realism is still quite against their anti-technological belief. When do they realise that they are only in the way of progress in environmental matters?

VSN depends on which plastic.Polyethylene supplies carbonic acid and water; But PVC all kinds of toxic chlorinated compounds of which hydrochloric acid is still the most innocent.

It is about the conversion of substances.Combustion changes the plastic or chemical method and the substances that are more harmful.
Carbon, active charcoal is used to remove Gift fabrics from your body, so you can eat it (in moderation) oxygen we all need to live.In pure combustion, carbon Dioxide is not included. No problem as long as there is still enough oxygen in the air. In the unlikely combustion there is a Koolsof monooxide. This binds to the hemoglobin in the blood where normally oxygen and carbon dioxide bind and release but carbon boron does not release anymore, which causes the transport of oxygen in the bloodstream to go down and you eventually die, even though there are still Enough oxygen in the air you breathe. It is therefore the change of substance that also occurs when the combustion of PVC makes it dangerous.

Burning is better than uncontrollably bringing in the environment.

Fortunately, we are working on reducing waste to the initial elements.

You can use it as a raw material again.

Close the entire circle.

There is still a lot of development work needed.

The coal power station Buggenem was was thus a project.

There will be a lot of cheap energy needed.

Actually, most technique is available:

Assembling cracking distilling synthesize

There are also already different routes known or in development: large installations as in the oil industry.Small installations like in the Pharma. Miniature installations as a lab on a chip. Biological and Microcrobot Systems

This closes the cycle and we no longer run the environment.

Provided we find the energy for it and invest the intelligence in it

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