What would you say to your 12-year-old?

Let everyone get the K * Lere and choose your own path, make your own mistakes, take your own decisions.

You get a boyfriend.Stop flirting with the same man you flirt with for two years, because he is clearly not interested. Jeez, Natalie. Sixth graders do not date.

You’re going to make friends.Just because you were only sitting at a lunch table, the first school week doesn’t mean the rest of your life.

Don’t worry about pesters.I was constantly bullied in high school and elementary school. I have experienced threats and laughter and such things. I was very uncertain. But well, it got better.

Don’t worry about your weight.You binge ate in 6th class (I believe I was 12 then…) and then became super insecure. Stop to start something and finish them two hours later-the weight you win is healthy. Stop taking these stupid pills and drinks to fall off and all those BS

Do your homework.Stop “forgetting” and get a planner and use it instead of “forgetting” about it.

Stop forgetting everything.You will look stupid otherwise.

DO NOT GIVE BLOWS.Please please, do not regret that oh my God, why are you such a stupid child?

Don’t even think of sneaking up Snapchat and Instagram.This will take you right at the bottom of the trust bar.

Mom and dad are usually right.Yes, they make you angry. Shake it all off.

You’re going to find out that you have a disorder and it’s going to ruin your life a bit, but you get a medication for it and don’t forget to take it oh my god… (I always get covertly judged for my condition it’s stress incontinence I’m born with it I can’t do anything about who I am… Child or.) You’re going to live okay just wear pads and forget that too oh my God.

Get up for a bit in puberty.AKA a lot. It is called a menstrual period and you do not die, but if you go to Florida that brings a year in the 7th class pads on that midnight flight home, because then Mother Nature decided to come on.

Please, please stop eating that pop cake.You get a little binge, but that only lasts a few months.

Cool Math Games are not math games.I mean, seriously. It doesn’t matter how long you play it. Run is not a math base.

Never return the cross country.You WERE halfway through, crying out loud. IT WAS A MILE.

Your girlliness is dying for a few months.It comes back in full swing, believe me.

Don’t put that silver eyeshadow in high school, you look like a clown.

You have every right to report that creepy math teacher of the 7th class that you are a pervert and just an engerd.He is going to play the bongos, he will sing during the lesson opera, he will make weird noises, he will wear shoes. Oh, the toe shoes…

Speak or creepy, tell everyone you’ve ever called.You will not regret it.

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