What would you do with your time, energy and talent when money plays no role in life?

I have several talents, and I try to use them a little every day.I don’t have the arrogance to think that I can save the world, or even make a better place.

I would invest my time in my loved ones, I would read more and keep writing.And make my life happier, spend more time outside with celebrating the fact that we live. We forget that too often.

Exactly the same as I do now.I’m not poor and not rich. I have lived for a long time less than half of what I now have to income. I can do that again. The difference between a three year old Kia and a Bentley is much more in cents than between those Kia and no car. Still, that Bentley can’t do anything that Kia can’t. It only does it a little less loud and you can park it where that Bentley really doesn’t fit. And for two ten of gasoline, the Kia brings you at least twice as far. Those few thousand euro difference between a used Kia and no car is materially a much larger difference than that one and a half tons between those Kia and those Bentley.

When I had to live frugal, I had just as much fun eating in the Maastricht station restoration as I now have dinner in a star restaurant.I have not forgotten that. I find a goulash croquette of ‘ 卢 1.80 at Smullers at the station still super tasty, especially on such a soft white scoop. OK, it will be ‘ 卢 2.50. But then you also have some.

I am in a phase of my life that more health and more time are infinitely more important than more money.That of course only applies if you have enough to live decently.

Good question!Tricky to answer since almost everything revolves around money. But again not everything of course. If money would not play a role in my life for example because I already have enough money I would use this to make other dreams come true.

First, I would visit many different places in the world, study the Culture and history (this is my hobby) and make as many friends as possible.Secondly, I would like to delve into cooking, set the goal of becoming a very good cook and prepare the most exotic but also difficult dishes. I cannot live without setting great goals that I would like to achieve.

In addition, I have always dreamed of doing a survival and filming for a long period, somewhere in a secluded spot in a rainforest trying to survive with what is to offer.Assemble a private cottage with its own plantation of fruit and vegetables, go hunting, catch fish along the river and cook, you name it. I have done this kind of thing a few times but for no longer than two days.

For the rest, I would also love to do something good for the environment, start your own campaign or participate intensively in an existing campaign.There are actually many more things, such as a fourth language fluent in the master, learning to play different instruments. I play guitar myself and would like to be better. I would also like to have more time to read books. In short, it’s actually too many things to mention, I hope I can ever say that money plays no part in my life and that I can use my resources to pursue other dreams.

Gut yes, I always want a lot, but the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.

I would start many things, but lose interest over time, as I am bored so often quite quickly.I start in a new job here in Dublin on the first June, a job that will often bring me to Amsterdam, the UK and actually in many more places in the Eu. Given that this is a promotion for me, that will mean that it is going to be challenging for me once again and I need that. As a quality manager at Google I had seen it now after a few years-this new job at least has the advantage over the challenge that the average age there is 39, ergo I am not once the oldest among all those millennial hipster children.

But well, what would I do?Since I am a historian, I want to get my PhD. In addition, I want to write a few novels and dedicate myself completely to running the social website that I am going to open at the end of this year. I have yet to catch up with literature, fiction as well as non-fiction, so I am also involved in this. I have always wanted to have an aquarium, so that is also in the pipeline, at least, unless my cat still lives and raises objections to this intention by that time. I also want to keep myself busy with a long-running hobby of me: building and modifying computers including custom water cooling and running. When the retirement time is, I go back to the Netherlands, perhaps sooner-but first save:) I want to have a cottage on the edge of a forest, not too close to neighbors or so. I would also like to buy myself a Fender Jaguar plus Dual Showman, but although I can play the guitar, this edition will be seen in the light of the limits of my talents in that area probably discarded money. In the aforementioned house should be a relatively large kitchen with a nice large countertop and a dining area. I want to cook and bake more, nice and cozy in the dark winter months. In addition, if I still have time, I would like to finally start again on the model train track I have written in RailPro a while ago, well, I do see. Oh Yeah, I also want to write a polemic again, just for the Gein (trolls are in some cases just fun) and bring my historical literature back to an acceptable level (written by myself).

I am still going to be busy after my retirement-if I have all that time.

Little original Maybe, but still: improve the world.

I think that Elon Musk has understood some things very well that many others do not look to get along.What I am going to do is also in the same line.

What matters are that?Well, for example, making good and inexpensive space travel possible and thus colonizing other planets. Why? Because almost all the climate, pollution, nutrition and war problems we have is to be traced back to overcrowding.

The earth simply has no buffers.Earth Overshoot Day comes every year before. We do our best to produce enough and sustainably enough for all, but even if we could turn the tide in time in terms of durability and pollution in combination with sufficient production, then there will be a day full of just full.

Discover!In the broadest sense of the word. I don’t think I would like to have a permanent place to live, just together with my husband to discover the world and get to know people. Gather experience.

Something we are doing now, but of course to a lesser extent than when money would not play a role.We save now and we prefer to go to the lesser known places. The most beautiful pearls are hidden there.

On the way I would write a lot more.Travelling always gives me a lot of inspiration. You see many things, you hear stories from people and you have new experiences.

I would like to end up as a hermit somewhere on a mountain or deep in a forest.So that I can write down everything I have seen in life and leave it behind for those who come after me.

First time he had nothing.At least nothing but concern me with my child and his upbringing. After a year or two I would do volunteer work. People at the bottom of society help.