What would you do if you found out that someone you know is homophobic?

Well, what is it. If he/she is 90 years and is deusing, so to speak, then do not be difficult simply to have it further only on innocent subjects.In other situations, it does indicate that I am not served.

And in addition, it is also about how important/dear this person is for you. Once I said to my father “racist, sexist and homophobic” and he honestly admitted.Kill fun and with a big smile on his face. And that he found it fine and, in his opinion, all “normal” people with common sense would be racist, sexist and homophobic and that “should” basically just be so. Only most dare not give their opinion because nowadays you have to be politically correct because of the left-wing idiots. I defended my point of view but he kept laughing at me. But he was my father. He hasn’t been there for 5 years and I still find it very unfortunate that he didn’t take me seriously, but I couldn’t do anything about it. I could argue but I wouldn’t feel comfortable with it. After his sudden death already not at all.

Go out of the way.My son-in-law is married to a man, and several landlords have made her life sour, the latter really made it to fur. My wife and I then helped gather the burden of proof for a lawsuit that they then won, so that landlord can no longer rent out. The choice for a partner is nobody’s business except those involved.

With homophobia one often means homo haters.But these are not the same things. Fear often leads to hatred, but not always. The fear comes from misunderstanding, and homophobia is often a spontaneous reaction to a situation that feels uncomfortable.

As soon as I hear someone, in ‘ N just talking to someone I don’t know well, homophobic remarks, I usually react with that I have had relationships with men.Not with the idea to seek quarrel, but rather as input from a piece of personal experience about the issues being discussed. If I had previously ‘ n ‘ normal conversation, I have not yet experienced that the contact is completely disturbed. Within that context, the homophobic remark ‘ n opportunity to talk nuanced about homosexuality. I think this works best against stereotyping and stigmatisation of Homos. It seems to me especially desirable to give homophobes a more nuanced picture of homosexuals as normal people, and I may contribute to that during such a conversation.
There will be a lot of people who cannot apply this strategy themselves because they have not had homosexual relationships themselves.You can then always appoint that 1 in 10 men is gay, and that the homophobic has probably met a lot of homosexuals without noticing it at all. Try not to condemn the other too hard, but go on to talk about why you have no trouble with Homos.

This may sound odd, but it is important that people do have the space to reject Homofilia.Some people are automatically uncomfortable with gay couples, and yes, that may be homophobic, but if you don’t leave room for that kind of spontaneous response, you’ll get people to oppose the LGBTQ community. And then you get gay hatred. You get homophobes that ‘ sit in the closet ‘ and become increasingly convinced of their right because there is no opportunity to discuss the issue. The closet-homofobs will look for one another, and before you know you have to tackle a hate group.

This is not to talk to homophobes properly or to give a plea to free anti-gay activities, but rather a plea towards homosexuality and social activists to show on a personal level the acceptance that most homos in the Netherlands ask and often also Get.Intolerance only creates more intolerance, so try to give the other space before you shoot in the defense.

Question: What would you do if you find out that someone you know is homophobic?

I myself have had several friends who are very homophobic.I do not mind that anyone has a different opinion, if it is well founded. That’s why I want to tell you about one person.

You can describe this man as a very intelligent and ambitious person.A strong person who does not just let himself tell anything. Someone who has the heart in the right place, but sees life through such a hip years 80 sunglasses. (You may give your own interpretation to this metaphor)

We have talked a lot about each other, especially on subjects where we were not quite aligned.

The entire LGBTQ community. Especially the subject of travesty (that’s not gays, but he thought so). He had wanted to pronouncements on gays and travesty.

Now I am not so someone who denies a view, as long as it does not reveal itself in the physical world.So you can say to me: “Women are all whores.” And may you think of me too. * If you are going to make a different way to women than to men, you have a problem with me. For this man, however, it remained. “Gays are dirty.”

Instead of going against it (which excites) I have always reacted with: “You cannot know that, because you know no transvestite” or any other form.”Oh, did you hear that of a gay?” The subject then changed quickly.

One day this man has come to me and he has reported to me, “I have become friends with a transvestite and I think I have not been quite right.” The only thing I said then was: “Oh, what good!Nice that you have a new friend. ” The whole discussion was therefore dismissed.

Why would you grab an axe if a smile is enough?

It’s ultimately his/her life and I can’t do anything about it.What I can do is that I can persuade them that gay is normal and it is legal

I would treat them the same thing, but they do ask the question why.If they have no good reason, I say some of it, but I try to change them not but’s mind say. Of course I don’t really like it when people are homophobic, but that’s their choice. As long as they don’t bother people, because then they get into trouble.

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