What would the consequences be if the Netherlands were to leave the EU?

Then the Netherlands alone would have to conclude trade agreements with people such as Putin, Trump and Xi.Translation: Then the Netherlands will have to give the keys of its economy and all the pin numbers to these people, which they can then just dictate how much the Netherlands has to pay estimate.

In a trade war, the Netherlands has nothing to say and it is the EU that protects the Netherlands.This applies to all 22 smaller Member States of the Union.

An economic crisis probably, we are not very independent!At least, we need help from other countries (defence, trade, food, migration)

Also, traveling will be harder, you would need a passport for almost everything!So you can forget this identity card (to travel in the EU).

Then our country has no influence in the countries around us, and no more substantial influence to the USA, Russia, China, etc.

We are also very poor.For centuries We deserve the cost, as the Netherlands, by acting globally and exercising influence. We have a much greater influence in the world than our resident number would justify. That is over. It then becomes ‘ fairer ‘. Whether you should be happy with this as a Dutchman, it is about how much money you have. If you already have money, it doesn’t matter, and you can be quiet for nexit.

This is not the only thing Jan can do if the Netherlands also gets out of the Euro.And count on the fact that the new guilder has a worse price than the Euro, which was then exchanged. Fortunately, the Netherlands has an export surplus, which means that the importers need new guilders, the new currencies will still be worth a little something.

The EU train has left and never arrives in the Netherlands.

The guilder (although this is probably no longer true by the zeitgeist) would theoretically be worth more because we are working in the EU with smaller countries too.Because of this increase in our guilder, fewer parties will want to act through us, because a company that has to run more profit by that increase relative to other countries too. In other words, exports are facing a crisis, which jeopardises 3 million jobs. In addition, banks will also have to increase interest rates to counter the capital flight. This is only the guilder! In addition, the inferior position is in a trade negotiation and that the economy cannot do without labour immigrants. Do not do so!

The result will be that it will be able to influence the export and import, which will ultimately reduce purchasing power as well.The Netherlands needs the EU not only because of the trading areas but even more importantly for the sake of EU security.

The guilder back into the payment traffic so that all prices in one blow should be multiplied by 2.20371.However, a lot of employment, but whether it outweighs other economic disadvantages, I dare to doubt: see the United Kingdom as a deterrent example. Do not do so, ladies and gentlemen politicians.

The referendum has unfortunately died a silent death and burial…

I think a lot of panic in the beginning, but we have to consider whether its benefits are more like the disadvantages.

The benefits would be that we can choose our own trade, with which countries, etc.We can once again have our own currency, which we can influence ourselves, and not affect weaker countries in the EU. We can decide again on what we want, in terms of laws and regulations (e.g. Migrant workers, asylum seekers, Accijn, etc. We no longer need to pay those billions to the EU, because the Netherlands is one of the countries that pays more in the EU that what we are recovering, with the result that we can use that money to strengthen our society, not those of other countries in the EU.

The disadvantages may be that the boundaries between the Netherlands and Germany/Belgium are going to close again, so we have to go with passports, and evt.Visas the border must over. There are many companies that trade with the EU, which would have more administrative burdens and costs can go up, but here on the opposite side, it is that Rotterdam is one of the largest and busiest ports in Europe, and that yields income. We also lose the cooperation of defence, etc. that we have as part of the EU.

Is therefore a difficult choice.Personally, I think we would be better off outside the EU.

Then we would be stuck with Mark Rutte for a year, and Frans Timmermans came back to the Netherlands.Do not do so!

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