What would ruin a first date for you?



-No gentleman are

-Talk about all his earlier Tinder dates.

-Trying to get a job at the VPRO because I worked there


-Trying to force me to kiss him too when I said “no”

-Want to split the account 50/50 if I had actually only one small beer and he had 4 special beers.And when I said no, that I would only pay my share, he said, “Oh come on, I’ve just returned from holiday in Spain, I’ve spent all my money”.

-Is dressed with a Marcel and wears filthy flip flops

-person turns out to be really stupid

-Calls me “Dear Treasure”.I am no man’s dear treasure.

All this actually happened on the first (and last) date.

Someone who makes a staccato cross-questioning of me, looking closely at me sets of very personal questions on me, and in the list of thought lists.In the meantime nothing of itself pricing. Her reactions to my yet not so outrageous answers are full of implicit repros. That starts all right, I think. She is beautiful, but it is worse than disgust what I feel within five minutes. You’re going to be single for a long time, I want to say. But I want to stay courteous and say goodbye, as polite as that is possible within fifteen minutes.

No direct connection feel.Without click it is wasted effort. It must be exciting. Once that’s the case, you can forget all the details.

Not show up.

A date never needs to be ruined.A date is meant to see if there is and or other click. After a date you have always become a little wiser, with or without click. And if there is no click, that’s not a knapper. But probably the questioner/author means when a date runs out of no click. The latter is difficult to identify. That click Is there or is not there. This is not dependent on objective criteria but a gut feeling. Usually I know within 10 minutes whether there is more in it or not.

Someone who is not interested in me but tries to sell herself quite the time.Someone who sees you sitting must be attentive, you in his world (or her, does not matter) admit (meet friends and family), prefer to be with you, remember your preferences…

Messing up might be a big word, but I certainly wouldn’t call it a success.

  • Smoking
  • Talking about tattoos (I really don’t have anything with it and I don’t like it either)
  • Putting a lot of drinks
  • Doing tough, bragging, lying
  • Energetic talk ill or just want to say little to nothing
  • Want to fully pay the bill (you feel like purchased time, that really doesn’t give a nice feeling)
  • Person proves not to be intelligent
  • Do not have the attention (and I do not even have to watch it on the mobile phone)
  • Making racist remarks or showing male hatred
  • Fear of inseparations and irrational things
  • Very bad of trust
  • Smooth, cumbersome, afaky and squiggly
  • is reckless or rash and does before she thinks
  • Right already about sex start
  • Line pulling, sliding, failing, undiving if I had a hypothetical discussion with someone else or a group of other people, about something that bodes me or what I feel wrong about (messing up is still a big word, but that might still be The biggest off-the-top, I think even more than premature sex bring up?

December 2002-

The owner of a guesthouse in Busan, South Korea, where I stayed for a week, told me that a similarly overnight girl liked me very much.

I had seen her once.A fun, spontaneous and beautiful Japanese. Both we also studied Korean language & culture.

We had to agree together, he suggested.

Great idea, I found.

A few days later it was so far.She did know a nice tent near the guesthouse and knew the owner. She got there more often she told them.

It started out very well and there was definitely a click.

We drank some beer together at a leisurely pace, but soon she becked the owner that the tempo had to be stepped up.This one then came regularly to our table for a refill…

Two hours later the sweat is on the back and I push the door open from her room with my foot.I have worn her 300 meters home. Drama.

I put her on bed, grabbed a mop and started cleaning the hallway where she had surrendered insanely, apologizing to the landlord who looked at it all frowned upon.

It has also been the last time we saw each other.

The owner was very angry at me.I should not have had the matter run out of hand.

From shame I meed her, and vice versa, until I was allowed to return to Seoul.

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