What would have happened without the American intervention during the Second World War?

The Germans would have lost the war of the Soviets anyway, maybe a year or 2 later, but Germany has never really had a chance.The Soviet Union is bigger than big, gigantic than gigantic.

This would also mean that the rest of Europe would also be freed by the Soviets.So We would now have lived in the Democratic People’s Republic of the Netherlands.

One of the goals of D-Day was to cross the Rhine before the Soviets did so.

That’s not a simple question to answer.

Germany argued for D-Day on 2/3 fronts war, east with the Russians, South in Africa with the English.At the same time, they tried to invade the United Kingdom with the V2 and planes. Not to mention in which there are violent guerillia wars going on in the Balkan countries, Yugoslavia and Greece.

In 1943 the Soviets defeated after 1 year of fighting the German in Stalingrad the numbers were just way too much for the ruined German army.They had lost many more divisions to curb the politically unstable Balkan region than expected, they weren’t dressed for the winter, oil was extremely scarce also, it was morale of degree toned. The oriental Front had already been lost after 1943, the Russians were losing 20 million, but the war machine began to awaken as the Germans, poltical Crisisen were making a cut and raw materials were being shortened.

So In this scenario, let’s fall D-day, which means that Russians and the British are going to “sandwiching” the Germans.After Stalingrad, Germany already saw reports, all the while the Russians had conquered their territory, Romania came to understand and Baku had already been in the Soviets (oilfields). In France, Greece and Joegslavie, the resistance was becoming more violent, at the same time the available man’s shelves were on. Italian soldiers also did not want to fight in the cold East for Hitler. The German economy consisted of kind of coupons for the army, something which can never stand long and will lead also to crisis. At the same time, there was a failed attack on Hitler by one of his own party members, politics it was very unstable.

America came out of a recession, through its industry.The largest portion of steel was delivered by Americans, Germany had already declared America the war after Pearl Harbor. America does not fall within this scenario but still remains the UK and the USSR materially supported.

The Russians had more Man, raw materials and production capicarities than the Germans also a stable government.The Germans had fewer and less large available populations, money and commodities. The Russians will win anyway.

Early 20th century many people worked in factories and communism was already quite appealing to the large working population.The resistance fighters will sympathize in Western Europe with the Russians also revolting against Hitler and Kapitalsme. The latter was something important for the UK and more importantly for the US. The British will also try a kind of D-day but this will last much longer without the Americans, the people will have to be taken out of the Commonwealth. This will go hard as India revolted. In the end, I think that the Russians are releasing the lion’s share of Europe and saving the UK only in France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Without Americans, this process will take much longer, causing many more people to become victims, and the Holocaust is also going to be given an even greater number of deaths.

In conclusion, Germans were in 1942 not cope with the Great Bear Russia.The war had lasted much longer, the Holocaust had been much worse. But in the end, the Russians had liberated Europe. This had probably led again to a 3rd World War. So the Russians had power over almost all of Europe at the same time they had already planned Iran and Turkey. The US, UK, Japan and probably France would then go against the Soviet Union to bring back their power and change Dr. Ideology of the Soviet Union just like China.

And then a big one unless, the Germans were doing a wunderwaffe.There are speculations that this could have been developed shortly after the capitulation of Berlin, the Germans had won more time without the Americans and could therefore make the atomic bomb, they might have been able to finish the Russians. Anyway be glad you live in the 21st century a time of relative peace and let’s face it this should never happen again!

You can be brief about that.The Germans had then just won in Europe. At all considering the technology (the Germans had) was generally far beyond anything else the rest had.

America actually had no desire to interfere in a (in their eyes) European conflict.I must mention that they did their best to make their contributions in the form of material, such as tanks and planes, there was I believe a treaty. As a result, tanks were delivered to the Russians, Chinese and English.

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