What would happen to ‘ the Internet ‘ Should a World War break out now?

Assuming that nuclear weapons are used in the next World War:

Only 1 explosion outside the vapour of a nuclear weapon is needed to make the commercial internet a lamb.

Above the approximately 90km altitude (ideally between 100 – 300km altitude), such a thing is most effective.

Non-thermonuclear weapons (nuclear fission weapons) are the most effective.

For example, if this were to happen outside the atmosphere above Europe, the subsequent electromagnetic pulse (EMP) would cause huge fluctuations in the mains, resulting in a failure of the mains network and thus the failure of Datacenters.

Fibre optic networks would still be there and they would still work, but without data centers many Internet services would fail or become overloaded.

Let’s state what the pulses in the power networks would do to homes with all the equipment we have at home.

Small devices such as mobile phones, but also cars would probably still work.

GSM masts would fall out, also because radio traffic would be disturbed a considerable time by the explosion at high altitude.

Strategically, such a thing makes little sense.Military systems can usually be better against an EMP, and the reaction to detonating a nuclear weapon outside the vapor circle is a nuclear war.

Well, World War… We actually had more than two, and We could possibly have one going on again at the moment.

Problem with World Wars is that you do not notice anything if fighting does not take place in your area.But in the meantime there are several conflict areas worldwide and most countries on this planet are involved in one or more conflicts. There is actually just continuous a state of war on this planet.

The Seven Years ‘ War (1756-1763) was also a kind of World war because it concerned Europe and the many European colonies.WWI and WWII were also wars where many colonies were involved. But most countries have no more colonies nowadays and that changes things. You can therefore ask yourself if a World war is still possible because countries that are now going to war are no longer able to involve their colonies.

Regarding the Internet, this can have a lot.Those parts of the network that are damaged by the wars can simply be closed down and the rest just goes on. Yes, certain domains and websites may become inaccessible. Domains depend on a registrar and all DNS servers and if the Registrar disappears then another must take over the management of an extension. If a DNS server disappears then that is less problematic, but a DNS server can also be inherited by hostile troops who then try to lay down the entire DNS traffic. And then it just gets blocked.

What happens at most is that the Internet becomes smaller.For example, Russia or China can no longer be reached.

During the war in Syria, citizens often still had internet access.You could make mobile calls and upload movies.

In some cases, you can try to lay the Internet flat.But the internet is a very robust system. As soon as you connect two computers together they already form an Internet. The underlying technique can not be destroyed. Locally you can start the Internet again and you will soon have a worldwide reach. Important backups may still be available.

However, the large dependence on the Internet can cause major problems.That you no longer have to bring your books back to the library is not so bad, but also purchasing, stock management and distribution of all major retail chains runs all over the Internet.

The authorities therefore have an interest in working the Internet and they will do everything they can to maintain it.Maybe with additional requirements for backups.

Social media are also maintained, because they offer an exquisite way to look into everyone’s minds, so that individuals and groups that are truly ‘ dangerous ‘ can be defused.I think that China in particular is far from developing this technique.

There will also be an invisible net of propaganda and censorship over the internet in wartime.About the same way you can’t see bare breasts on Facebook.

In The tactics of the war One will sometimes focus on disabling all electronics, but this only locally with a temporary effect.The internet remains virtually intact, but becomes much more of the government. All providers must cooperate fully. In the United States, there is essentially this situation, so you can assume that the Government of the United States already follows your activity on Quora.

When atomic weapons were used in the World War, the internet suffered from the fall-out.So it will not work anymore unless you are connected to pipes and hubs that are protected against it (which are only the army and some state establishments, and not the payroll administration). These systems are never tested. In any case, your Crypos will be lost as well! But that also applies to your Cashout balance on the bank.

Think the internet is used among other things as a weapon of war.. Just look at Russia and China.If you want to be safe as a country in new war, in my opinion you can better pull the plug yourself..

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