What would happen if every year the fortune of the top 1% richest people is evenly distributed among all the others?

The richest 1% possessed in 2015 in the Netherlands together $295 billion,-.
99% of the population in the Netherlands is 17 million people, so if we divide that evenly then those people will get every $17,353,- .

To be understood once .

(Let’s take a look at how you do real estate, goods, companies, investments etc.Where the majority of that $ 295mld is going to divide).

But as someone else already wrote, it can only be one year.

The following year, the proceeds of this theft are significantly lower, which you can repeat until all the possession is divided.

The effect of such an action is apart from a thirst for the whole population and a hefty devaluation of the euro (when everyone suddenly has much more to spend, the value of money decreases and costs of e.g.Labor) is a major disincentive to ever try to achieve something financially.

Because after a few years you are the turn.

Moreover, the richest 10% in the Netherlands pays 90% of all taxes on assets and more than 50% of all taxes on income.

As long as the larger system is not adjusted, that power will soon have arrived at that top 1% again.It is not only the ability, but also the network, the way of working, the self-ownership, and the owning or driving of the large companies, which will keep this imbalance going back and forth.

I am certainly not in favour of the pure socialist system (with all means of production in state hands), but the current inequality and culture (I think of ING, which we have cancelled all accounts), has nothing more to do with respect for Employees (ordinary citizens) make and everything with pride and selfishness.But I also think of the way in which the old VVD President Henry Keizer arranged it so that he could take over a funeral organization for a tangenarian who, according to the books, would be worth the multiple of them.

I fear that in the end, just like in the French Revolution, this is an inequality that the “ordinary” population no longer picks up.Therefore, in my opinion, the Republicans in America are for a small government (no or little law and regulation so that they can go on their way), but a large police force and army (to be able to push down any rebellions of poor citizens).

Then anyone who is just starting to turn no longer will do their best to create more economic value.And then the whole society goes backwards very hard thereby. In addition, there are many tricks to do to dressing so it looks like you are just a bit poorer.

In short: Instead of a focus on creating value, you get a kind of stagnation of talents.And then everyone becomes more armer again. More than that. That though.

Communism will happen comrade:)

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