What would a person with a high self-esteem think of himself if someone rejected this person?

I have a high sense of self-esteem.

That does not mean, however, that I think everyone should consider me just as high.Rejected is part of life, and does not affect my own value at all.

Love yourself, find yourself important, consider yourself high, that are things that are necessary for a good life.Those are the reasons you need to set up your own life and make great.

To consider yourself high does not mean that you are arrogant.It can be combined, but it is not an established fact that anyone who considers himself high is arrogant.

But yes, we do not say for nothing in the Netherlands “Just do it, you are already mad enough,” it is soon distrusted when you stick your own flag.

I have had borderline, and to be better I had to get to know myself and learn from myself.I have learned to consider myself high. But that can be without being arrogant.

And that means that I can have it fine if someone rejects me.Not everyone needs to find me just as awesome as I find myself hahaha:))

No, but now Effe seriously, what others find appealing is personal.The taste is simply not to argue. If another does not find me attractive or nice or nice, then that, if I find that person attractive and nice and nice, is unfortunate but unfortunately.

‘, ‘ That person would think nothing of themselves, because someone with enough self-esteem does not directly seek the fault of themselves.The person would rather think ‘ pity, so be it ‘ and just go back to the order of the day.

“,” Perhaps the person with a high self-esteem will be disappointed because of that rejection.He/she will certainly also ask himself and the other questions that the rejection is based on. As far as its own guilty proves, it will attempt to repair what led to the rejection. Day does not succeed, this person will have to take it and respect it as a decision of the other, and accept this loss and sue his/her life.

What would a person with a high self-esteem think of himself if someone rejected this person?

That depends on what the basis of that self-esteem is. Does it come from self-knowledge?Then the rejection will give at most a reflection in the trend of: why would it be that the other did not want me? (But he/she will also be honest) Maybe we just don’t fit together.

If the self-esteem is dependent on subjective thinking: I am great and I have so much value that MAY (cannot, but SHOULD) not reject anyone.Then there is a good chance that someone will find that the other has not made the right choice and judge the other rather than himself.

It is also possible that the person has his own value based on the views of others, so that rejection suddenly undermines this self-esteem and he/she will not only doubt himself, but will even impose guilt and condemnation upon himself.

This means that self-esteem as such is a dangerous asset. Too little, is not good, too much is not good either.But also plain self-esteem may not be good. It is therefore the honesty and reasonableness of the person in question.

It might consider the other as a domear: He missed a unique opportunity to contact an interesting person.So: too stupid to invest further.

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