Long U + Long OO words vocabulary word list

  • amuse.
  • beauty. blue. brew. Bruise. Bugle.
  • Canoe. cashew. co-op Coupon. Crew. Croup. Cruise. Dice. Cuckoo. Keyword. cute.
  • do. sink. Age. due. Duet. Duke. Dune.
  • Slander. Eunice. ewe.
  • few. flown. Flu. Fluid. Fluke. Flute. thrifty. Fruit. Smoke. Fuse.
  • Glue. goo. growth. Groove. group.
  • Hew. hoot. Hue. gigantic. Hugh.

And what is the long U sound?

The ‘long u’ /yu/ is a two-sound vowel, similar to a ‘y’- Noisy. /y/ followed by a ‘oo sound‘ /u/. Part 2: The sound transitions into an ‘oo sound‘ /u/ by closing the lips in a small circle while lowering the front of the tongue. Simultaneously with the lowering of the front of the tongue, the back of the tongue rises.

Second, is tube a long u-sound?

Spelling tip: ‘ew’ together make a long ‘u’-sound. Spelling tip: When two vowels go out, the first one speaks, so ‘ue’ makes a long ‘u’ sound. Spelling tip: The magic (or silent) ‘e’ makes the vowel ‘u’ say its name (long vowel), e.g. tub/tube.

In this regard, what is an example word for a long vowel?

A long vowel is a vowel that is pronounced the same as the name of the letter itself. For example the long u is pronounced like “yoo”, as it would be with words like “lure” and “tube”. In contrast, the short U is pronounced more like “uh” as in words like “cub” and “tub”.

Is Cube a long U?

Silent ‘E Rule: When an “e” follows a vowel and a consonant, the “e” is almost always silent, but it causes the preceding vowel to be long. (Examples: ate, plane, Pete, bite, nine, rope, note, cube, flute.) Other long vowels: A vowel at the end of a syllable is almost always long.

What does a short sound mean how?

The front of the tongue is pushed further forward and held lower in the mouth when making the short a sound /æ/ than with any other vowel. The tip of the tongue touches the inside of the lower front teeth. The body of the tongue is slightly rounded upwards.

What are the R-controlled vowels?

The vowel is called the R-controlled vowel. Sometimes teachers refer to the “r” as “ruling r” because the r “rules” the vowel to create a new sound. If the “a” is followed by an r, it makes the sound you hear in “bar” or “car”. When the “o” is followed by an r, it makes the sound you hear in the word “corn”.

Is Cat a long or short vowel?

“A” as in “cat” is a low front pure vowel, and “a” as in paper is a diphthong (two converging vowels) moving from low to high in the front of the mouth. The same applies to the other “short-long” pairs. The long vowel “e” as in “be” is a pure vowel, but “i” as in “find” and “o” as in “go” are both diphthongs.

What is a vowel pattern ?

1. Closed vowel pattern – a word or syllable that contains only one vowel and is followed by one or more consonants Jingle: A lone vowel squeezed in the middle says it’s just a bit short Examples: cat, fish , heap, up, blast, crash, thump 2.

Is bee a short or long vowel?

Short vowels in words. are exceptions Words like “bee” or “tea.” These words use a second vowel to force the long vowel of the first, while other words like “ant” or “mat” use the placement of consonants to force a short vowel.

Is flute a long or short vowel?

“Flute” is spelled correctly. It has a long “u” sound. Its spelling for long vowel patterns is C-V-C-e.

Is cake a long vowel?

The sound of the long vowel is the same as the name of the vowel itself. Follow these rules: Long One Loud is AY like in the cake. The long O sound is OH as in Bone.

What is the U sound?

This is the /u:/ sound. It is a vowel and its technical name is Close Back Rounded Vowel. Remember that the key to pronunciation is physical, and the name tells us how the sound is physically produced. In this case, your tongue is up and behind your mouth.

Is flag a short or long vowel?

CVC – Words starting with a consonant, followed by a vowel, followed by a consonant (examples: cat, bet, bug) Words start with the simple CVC pattern and progress to words with more than one consonant at the beginning or end of the word (examples: flag (CCVC), went (CVCC), etc. ). so make a long sound.

How do you pronounce Ü?

Ü is often pronounced as /j?/ by English speakers, but such a pronunciation is not correct in German. To pronounce ü correctly, round your lips as if you were saying “oo” in “cool” or “stool,” but move your tongue to say (but move) “ee” (as in “see”) instead not your lips).

Is EW a long vowel?

Spelling of the long vowel /ū/: u-e, ue, ew. Fuse e added at the end. Many words use u-e to spell the long /ū/ sound. At the end of some words we use ew.

Is bake a short or long vowel?

Examples are “bead”, “mail”, “boat”. Another way to create a long vowel is to add an “e” to the end of the word. (“The ‘e’ at the end makes the vowel say its name. The ‘e’ is silent.”) Examples are “backen”, “seed”, “hike”, “poke”, “mute”.

Are words that sound like air?

Unit 12: Spelling the sound /air/: air, are or ear?

air are ear
air fair * lair pair * chair flair * stair * hair* blank * daring rabbit * pare * rare flare * scare snare stare * bear * pear * swear wear *
Learn the words: Learn the words: Learn the words:

Is unicorn a long word?

Long U Word Wheel. Spinning the wheel reveals words with a long “u” sound, including ewe , pipe, flute, tuba, tulip, unicorn, uniform, mule, music, fruit, unicycle and dice.

What are the 20 vowels?

These letters are vowels in English : A, E, I, O, U, and sometimes Y.

How can you tell if a vowel is long or short?

Short vowels occur when the letter is not long pronounced as it sounds. Long vowels are created by putting two vowels together or ending the word with an ‘E’. ‘ Short vowels are formed when a vowel is placed next to a consonant.