v withdraw from a source of disgust or fear

synonyms: withdraw type of: wince, flinch, spark, wake, flinch, shrink, snort, flinch. pull back, as in fear or pain.

So what does “retreat in fear” mean?

Twitch means to recoil in fear. You’re so scared that your whole body flinches, crouches, and shrinks to hide from the source of your fear.

The question then becomes, is “unshrink” a word?

The word unshrink spelled backwards is knirhsnu, which is not a word.

You might also ask what the synonym for shrinking is?

shrinking(a) Synonyms: shy , shy, shy, coy, modest, reserved.

What does it mean to flinch?

1. recoil – to withdraw from a source of disgust or fear. drive in flinch, flinch, spark, tremble, rebound, flinch, shrink, shrink – pull back, as in fear or pain; “she flinched as they showed the slaughter of the calf” Based on WordNet 3.0, Farlex Clipart Collection.

What is the best synonym for expand?

Synonyms for expand

  • strengthen.
  • expand.
  • develop.
  • enlarge.
  • grow.
  • increase.
  • Open.
  • Common.

Why are psychiatrists called psychiatrists?

Why are Psychiatrists and psychologists called shrinkage? It is a joking reference to the ritual practice in certain tribal societies of literally shrinking the heads of vanquished enemies. The term shrinkage was adopted in the 1960s as a joking reference to psychotherapists.

What word means get smaller science?

Shrinkage. Noun. the process of becoming smaller.

What is the antonym for overhand?

Antonyms: underarm, underhand, underhanded. Definition: with hand raised and forward from below shoulder level. Usage: a sneaky pitch; an underhand slap. Main entry: overhand, overstitched. Definition: Sewn together with overhand stitches (near vertical stitches that fold over and pull the two edges together)

What do shrink pants do?

The simplest is that shrink is colloquially a psychotherapist, similar to a Policeman, is slang for a police officer. The simplest is that a shrink is slang for a psychotherapist much like a police officer is slang for a police officer. If a client said they just saw their psychiatrist, that would simply mean they saw their therapist!

What kind of word is shriek?


Part of speech: Noun
Part of speech: Intransitive verb
Inflections: screech, screech, screech
Definition: to utter or utter a cry . Synonyms: scream Similar words: blast, cry, holler, screech, shrill, squall, squawk, squeal, whoop, yell
Related words: caterwaul , scream, scream, whine, yelp, yelp

What is the past tense of shrink?

The past tense of shrinking is shriveled or shriveled. The third person singular simple present indicative form of shrink is shrinks. The present participle of shrink shrinks. The past participle for shrunk is shrunk or shrunk.

What is a sentence for shrunk?

CM 51360 The sweater shrunk in the wash. CM 2369626 My jeans shrunk after washing. Hybrid 295023 He flinched from danger. CM 3069616 The Japanese population is shrinking. Hybrid 2267869 This material shrinks when washed.

What is the synonym for Stampede?

Synonyms for “Stampede”. He led the cavalry charge from in front. Flight. Scattering. rout.

How do you use shrunk in a sentence?

shrunk example sentences

  1. He shrank further back into the shadows of the dining room.
  2. Shasta , – though shrunk to small dimensions.
  3. The feelings of ordinary mankind shrank before the destruction of so many unoffending persons.

What is the definition of antonyms?

Definition of antonyms. An antonym is a word that means the opposite of another word. For example, the antonym of “hot” may be “cold.” The word roots for the word “antonym” are the words “anti” meaning “against” or “opposite” and “onym” meaning “name”. Synonyms and antonyms are just the opposite.

Is shrunk correct?

In general, shrunk is the simple past tense of “shrink,” as in “I shrunk the shirt in the wash. ” Shrunk is the past participle paired with “have”, as in “I shrunk the jeans”. There are rarer examples of shriveled and shriveled in the literature, but not enough to support these usages by default.

What is the opposite of vertical?

The opposite of vertical, something horizontal is arranged sideways, like a person lying down.

What is the synonym of to grow?

SYNONYMS. sprout, shoot up, sprout, arise, bud, erupt, germinate, bloom. arise, arise, spread. thrive, thrive, let off steam. rare pullulate, vegeate, sprout.

How to undo the shrinking of a Word document?

To shrink the document, Word will reduce the font size of each font used in the document.You can undo the command by pressing Ctrl + Press Z. However, after you save and close the document, there are k a quick way to restore the original font size.

What is shrinkage in psychology?

“Shrinkage”, derived from “head shrinker”, is a slang term for a psychiatrist or psychotherapist who which is sometimes treated as derogatory or offensive. Make it shrink. “Shrink,” derived from “head shrinker,” is a slang term for a psychiatrist or psychotherapist, sometimes treated as derogatory or offensive. Shrinking.

What is shrinking?

Psychiatrists treat mental disorders. You must be a medical doctor. They may be psychiatrists, psychologists, or just trained in this particular type of talk therapy. “Shrink” is a name for any of the above. (Yes, that is, it’s a pretty vague term.)