What will your response be if your child tells you that he/she wants to become an Instagram influencer as an appeal?

I would, in all innocence, ask where that training is given and how long it lasts (“Is it HBO or university”).My children have to be more deeply sighs of my ignorance.

And then I would express my great appreciation for this choice and ask if this is to be combined with a ‘ different ‘ study.Certainly in the early period this must be fixed. And after that, I’m going to look up what Instagram is, what an influencer is and whether I can be rich too.

Old professions expire, new professions appear.I didn’t know this yet. And yet ask, “wouldn’t you just want to be a dentist?” Who knows.

If my hypothetical child would say that, then I would just be interested listening and asking further questions without judging.

A child must own his way through experimenting.The role of the parent in this is to be ready for feedback and to absorb the ‘ downs ‘, which will inevitably be there, without judging.

Own choices, own responsibility, but within a safe environment.

I do want to stimulate entrepreneurship and creative thinking.These are traits where you have the rest of your life. You can start a social media influencer at any time. It only takes a lot of time to achieve a success.

To let your content go viral, read it is much liked and shared, your content needs to meet certain conditions.A video can go viral, but do you also have to repeat it? If you know what content needs to go viral, you can repeat it. With the result that you get more followers. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to make viral content otherwise everyone had already done that.

Social Media Influencer demands consistency and perseverance.You must place at least 1 post every day. Even if you are sick or on holiday. In addition, the item must contain a value. Reposting of others can, but there must be enough material of yourself opposite.

The biggest risk of social media influencer is that should the platform drop away where your followers are or your account is being blocked that your income stream stops right.

If you have been able to become a social media influencer with a large number of followers, then it can be looked at to bring your own products.As an example the Kardashians. You then use your name to put your products in the market.

My tip, let them go with social media.The setters will save it, 99% fails. And then they think of doing something else or going to work.

First of all, I will probably sighs deeply and think about what I would say.

After that, I would probably ask for how far she has thought about this, so ask how she got there, whether this is a longer-term plan, whether she has a plan-B in case it fails and what she wants to achieve with it.

If she can explain with conviction that it is a good plan, then I will do my best to support her with her ambitions.

Very honestly, every career proposal she comes with will probably treat me so.Although I am more sceptical about this. She tells her that she wants to become a mathematician by way of I would be a lot less skeptical.

I would say, “fun, but only as extra income.” I would advise my child to also do a practical study should it go less with your profession as an Instagram influencer, as a safety net.

Then my child can still practise a ‘ traditional ‘ profession.Moreover, such an Internet profession is not forever. You are not forever famous. Nevertheless, I will support my child, especially when it brings money. You get this opportunity, only once.

I hope to have answered your question C茅line D茅camps (Quora user).

Happy with the initiative to want to mean something.And, depending on age, relativate.

At puberty, it’s great if your child is striving for the day.And it is also fine to experiment when the dry sandwich does not yet depend directly on its own income. However, a certain realism must be created at that age, and I believe that, as a parent, you should point out the risks of a choice like this. It is better to punctured the balloon quickly when your child thinks it can become dormant rich; A dream that has many adolescent.

I think everyone who is really successful needs two aspects: perseverance and happiness.But it is true that for some careers the perseverance can give the decisive impact, while for the other happiness and circumstances are very important. To hang your life on such a lottery may be less useful. For professions such as influencer, a particular kind of uniqueness is required, so that each “do as another that has previously succeeded” is doomed to failure.

Instagram is just like advertising.Or acting.

When your child says, I’m going to be an actor, what do you say?In essence, it remains the same, you have an image and tries to apply it consistently. If you care about your marketing, more people are watching your movies and that increases your market value. Did you know that twenty, thirty years ago there were “boekskes” where pictures of actresses and actors were published that were not very flattering? Adultery, drink, drugs. Concocted or real. Instagram is exactly the same, namely a marketing platform to sell yourself. With worshippers. But also with haters or insane crazies.

The benefit of your child’s question is that you can explain this in detail.How fake your Instagram life should be. Such as advertising. Never show your real life that is boring. The daily grind. Without makeup or with your weekday clothes.

I laughed hard a number of years ago when Facebook pulled to the stock market.Crazy, right? Share photos with your friends? Facebook is not at all what you think it is. It’s a sophisticated platform that knows your preferences and where marketing and sales can create very targeted ads that pull up their “conversion” grades because they choose the people who normally buy their product. That makes ads on Facebook hugely valuable. Hige earnings for Facebook. Are you going to prohibit someone from studying or doing marketing?


Also Quora is not A Q & A site.It is a “content” site where quality answers are given free of charge by all sorts of people and are then optimised to be high ranking in Google. The value of the information that Quora possesses is gigantic. Like any other platform, you can also deal with criticism, or stalking or insane crazies.


Whoever wants to do what can do that of me, if one clearly knows the pros and cons.Some stars suddenly get the wind from the front on Twitter or Instagram but forget that they have taken care of their image in the past years to put their image in the market and boost their market value. You need to get Instagram training to promote your profile and do’s and don ‘ ts but at the same time you also have to learn how to deal with trolls and insane crazies. Any benefit hep They disadvantage I have heard it say.

Thanks, Quora user, for your question.

First to learn a diploma and a real profession.

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