What was your trip to Russia like?

I visited Moscow this summer for two weeks and it felt similar to the last times. The central areas of Moscow are fabulous and get better every year, but the surrounding suburbs are still as imaginative as before.

Below are some pictures and thoughts about my journey.

Growing up in Moscow, visiting Red Square and the Kremlin always has a special magic.

I’m not sure non-Moscowpeople feel this magic. For me, a visit to this area always feels like I’m part of something much bigger, older and more significant than I am alone.

The view of the Kremlin from the bridges over the Moskva is particularly breathtaking.

The Alexander Garden along the Kremlin Wall always offers beautiful flower compositions and careful landscaping.

One area of Moscow that has improved significantly is the WDNCh (Exhibitionof the Achievements of the Economy – Wikipedia).

In the Soviet era, it was the main exhibition of the country, where the achievements of the fifteen Soviet republics were presented. Last year, this area received a wonderful overhaul, including a restored Folk Friendship Fountain, pictured above.

If you’re looking for a perfect place to take a look at historic Moscow from the rooftop terrace, go to the Detskiy Mir department store (Children’s World).

Off to the top floor and to the roof terrace.

The business center Belaya Ploschad (White Square) is one of the most beautiful places in Moscow.

There is also an excellent street food market called Depot, which has just opened in this area and offers cuisine from all over the world.

Zaryadye Park, which opened a few years ago in central Moscow, is still a wonderful attraction.

It offers traditional Russian landscapes, tourist-oriented rides and attractions, a wide range of food and breathtaking views of Moscow from its unique bridge over Moscow River.

To help you see the contrast, here are a few more pictures of Moscow’s suburbs.Endless soulless residential high-rises made of concrete slabs with a variety of colours and designs that do not fit together at all.

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