What was your most effective tactic to get rid of a narcissist in your life?

I never experienced that as a specific problem.Well that people ask more of me than I can or will give to attention.

It depends on how much appreciation or sympathy I can muster for such a person, how I am doing so.Most of the time, I only think that I’m starting to run out of someone, or when passing the phone: Oh, if it’s not yet another nag story or problem of that or that.

Then I start to keep myself from running away from work and in many cases it is not fair, because with that someone feels turned down and also a whiner can have a real problem.I also have the principle that everyone is allowed to ask me and that I can answer what suits me. So then I take myself to stay calm, listen up to five to ten minutes (if I have the time for that) and then summarize what I have heard and ask two questions: What are you going to do about it now? And depending on the answer, as a second question: What do you think I could do about it?

That second question is a bit of a risk, but it is not so great, because I am prepared for it.After all, I have already heard in which direction the person has searched for a solution and I have a stash of comments in case something of me is asked that I do not see. As

鈧?艙i do not believe:

  • That I am the right person for that;
  • That I have the time for that,
  • That this is the right approach;
  • That you have done enough for work;
  • Whereas this is the best approach at this stage;

and such

But sometimes the answer to the question of what they want from me is also just: 鈧?虄nothing, I just want you to listen to me. that is clear, and because I have done it for five to ten minutes, it is important to complete the mess.For example: “Yes, I can imagine that. Well, then I hope it has worked. This week I’m very busy, but next week we can talk about it again. “

If someone continues to go on for weeks, I say, “I believe we are turning around in circles and we do not get any further.You have to find another way to get out of your troubles. “

Maybe it’s all a bit short by the bend, but I’ve never had a long time bothered by people who wanted to cling to me, so for me it worked.

Most effective tactics I will not appoint here, because that is No Contact and that is already explained.

But the most comical way to ever get rid of an N was by playing as if I had really gone mad.Includes writing weird posts and using weird words (which I secretly looked up in a Drents dictionary). Every time the narcissist gave me something early, he got an answer from me, but he couldn’t do anything with it.

I also flipped the reels: He made me mad by calling me, for example, 鈧?虄night, so I could do that too.

I also claimed that I was so confused that I wanted to live with my mother again and I was already working on the move. Then the N me was really zat 鈧?娄 and I could finally laugh wonderfully hard.#superempaths don t give up

Ok.It’s a parasite so you have to be rid of it.

  1. Throw them off your social media and block.
  2. Then call and call very Hard that you have enough of it and that she/ie you never have to call again.

Let no doubt exist. If you get a word, don’t go into it. Just ask if you were clear so. For the answer comes, hang up.

  • Block the number.
  • Trust yourself and know you’re doing it right.
  • Leave and disconnect all possible contacts as well.That’s not 鈧?艙tactiek 鈧?but purely self-preservation.

    Dying is by far the most effective way.But probably also the least desirable. The only universal.

    This question is not answerable.First, you probably don’t have to make a narcissist. Secondly, if you do, it never is one-size-fits-all.

    Seek professional help.


    As a 鈧?虄experience I can only say 1 thing: Take away and have no more contact, in any way whatsoever.

    And I mean really: no contact!

    Verban the narcissist from your life, complete.Whatever he or she tries, do not react. Do not open the door when the narcissist is in front of the door, do not take the phone. Read and answer no mails, apps, messages or anything. Block the narcissist on social media, take new phone numbers and disconnect any contact.

    Keep that full!

    Whatever they try: charm offensives, smeekbedes, thousands of excuses, no matter what… stairs. They will try to get in touch through with you, manipulate your environment.Don’t light up your social environment in that. Verban them, make yourself unreachable.

    And don’t keep that full for even 鈧?娄 No… forever.

    Really, it’s the only thing that works.No contact!

    The most effective way is without a doubt renown.However, in some cases this is a difficult task, think of a family member or direct friend.

    You may ask yourself better.Do I want to stay dragged into this wave of negativity and egocentrism? This is a strong form of adaptability which in most cases only comes from one side. The side of optimism, not the pessimism.

    Ultimately, killing him or her is the most effective tactic.However, that is too cru. So make sure you stay out of his or her sphere of influence. That’s tricky, because having power over someone is fuel for a narcissistic mind, but don’t try to change the person, because that can’t be.

    That is very dependent on the (in my case) bastard you have against you, and also of myself how I am mentally in it, thoughts etc.Its also an energy that can make contact, but in general is no response, no form of contact, no thoughts about it the best and most effective, even if the one is at the door to beg, weeping and all, ignoring and continuing with your life , if that’s really what you want.

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