What was your first own car ?

“What was your first own car?”

Mine was a Ford Escort Mk II RS1800:

With an 1853 cc. Cosworth BDA engine with about 120 hp (115 bhp) he was a serious opponent for many “real” sports cars, especially as I made it as “civil” as possible.

My RS1800 was in baby – Oops!- Bermuda blue painted, by the way by Ford GB and not designed and built by Ford D, from Cologne came only the rough body, so I actually never owned a German car.

If it was actually my father’s “toy”, I inherited it then, because I could never have bought such a rare and expensive car myself, alone its maintenance was happig, as was the thirst of the high-tech Cosworth engine.

To my university town in the southwest German layerstage country N° 150 I usually preferred the train, although this depending on the time and because of the rail route over BaselBad. (please read about it, this is an international delicacy) 1.5 – 2 hours (by car via the southwest German shift-level countries N° 120 and 155 only 45 min, by car via motorway Zurich-Basel and then the A5 to the north about 60 min), because as a semi-orphaned At that time, one could still drive from my hometown, with me the Southwest German shift-level country N° 120 1.0, free of charge to the university city with the very family-friendly background, that one could visit his last parent regularly.

In addition, I or rather the RS1800 had a garage at home, around the humanities campus there were already no parking spaces at the beginning of the 1980s anyway and even at my student dormitory good ones were also rather rare, that is, with the tram it is literally better there, where even in the time before the RegioCard there were discounted monthly tickets for students!

Nevertheless, it was a really chic little bit and especially the rather accustomed sky blue liked female beings very much, while my father had just had to take what the Ford dealer had in the showroom, with only 500 homologation cars sold worldwide By no means every Ford dealer got an RS1800 and for reasons of friendship he got it even for exactly the money that the Ford dealer Ford GB had paid!By the way, I inherited this friendship, during repairs I only had to pay the purchase price of the spare parts.

So it was all the more astonishing that in my high school there were two of them, because my religious teacher also had one, albeit in the complete Ralley equipment with fender extensions, roll cage, six-point belts, etc.

Mine had not even alloy rims, but for it widened, beautifully painted deep-bed steel sports rims also from Ford’s RS range, the actual rim in chrome silver, the wheel disc itself held in matt black.Since some of the cars, such as the interior with sky, the rear spoiler, the rear plate, the bumpers, sills, mirrors and window frames were also painted black (said spoiler was made of rubber) or just black, this fit very well …

DC: Pic by the-blueprints.

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