What was the most striking thing you have ever heard by a child?

Grandpa: “Celine (3 yrs), do you want a biscuit or a candy?

Celine: “I would like to keep all my options open.”


Myrthe (2yr), after an emergency stop from the chair in the back seat: “Grandpa, you didn’t have to do that.”

My nephew Wietse is 7 years old and autistic.His development is about two years behind. Yet, ie damned is smart.

Wietse: Grandma can I have an ice cream for breakfast?
Grandma: What do you think?
Wietse: I do not think so, but I could try it allight.

Wietse wants something but Grandpa has said no.Wietse does it anyway…
Grandpa: What do you not understand the word “no”?
Wietse: I understand that very well, I just don’t find it such a nice word.

My daughter Maike sits with her grandmother and me on a terrace in the city centre of Utrecht.Maike is a year or 8 old at that time, but like us it’s very nice to look at people. At some point a very extravagant dressed transvestite passes by…
Maike: “Ooooh, there comes one to hear!”
I: “What’s coming?”
Maike points a little further down the street to someone
I: “It looks colourful.”
Maike: “That’s quite an understatement I’d say so.”

Not so very long ago I saw somewhere a picture of a dinosaur, one said to my daughter of five look a dino.She says: That’s a triceratops. I laugh, one think she just reinvent a window for that Dino. I type it in on my phone, I see that it is still really that same dinosaur kind of too.

Quiet waters have deep soils.

The 6 year old son of my niece.She and her husband were on house hunting. I asked him what house he wanted himself.

That was a house with “authentic elements” and “room for value propagation”.

I don’t understand that his first job was not at a real estate agency.

Behind the play square I hear a girl screaming:

‘ ‘ I don’t want to be a whore ‘ ‘.

In my time, at that age, I said only to play things about marbles, fire, or was I collecting flip pos

Conversation between two girls of about 12 years.

Girl 1: “Is sex really so dirty?”

Girl 2: “If you do it right though, yes.”

I did not hear this myself, but I found it clever.A girl did not know the words numbers or number but knew that there was a difference between numbers and letters and called figures telletters.

I think a sci-fi film can be a good way to get a young child into things that would normally be too complicated.I myself have been given a lifelong hobby as a kid from 10 to Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek and who knows where T grows for this young paleontologist.

Unfortunately, it can also go the other way around, years ago in Apeldoorn in the District 7 Huizen I am speaking to a little guy from what I think 12 a 13 yrs, death fun He asked if that I was looking for stuff.After some further enquiry I heard that a couple of this kind of kids acted as ‘ runner ‘ i.e. if R is a customer for drugs a runner brings you to the real dealer (and it may also have been an older brother or so anyway) anyway I do not know what to do with it g Undo is but the police were also aware of this I understood and it was also the only time I did so something nadege. But yep those kids, they say the darndest things.

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