What was the most amazing thing you saw as a doctor in the emergency room?

A six-year-old girl had an “accident.” I put it in quotes because it was a combination of parental neglect, a serious injury inflicted on her by an older child, and because she became dizzy when she had to carry laundry down the stairs while her mother was high.No six-year-old should be in such a situation.

She was frail from malnutrition and quickly became frightened by what happened at home and the constant bullying at school.Despite everything, she got along better than many adults. Behind the facade she was a very sad, frightened and lonely little girl.

She came to us in the emergency room and the trauma boys started to take care of the broken arm and the collarbone.Someone else treated the cuts. A sister comforted her because her mother was nowhere to be found. A neighbour called the ambulance as the toddler ran out of the house looking for a bandage.

Two cabins away was a man you don’t want to meet in the dark.A mountain of man, muscular, bearded and in biker gap. He had been wounded with a knife by someone but did not want to identify the perpetrator. He said it must have been an accident or something. With him were his brothers, even more of this massive, bearded variety.

At one point, one of these heavyweights said aloud, “I have to piss!” and walked past the girl’s cabin.In just a moment, the scary guy turned into a teddy bear. Without asking, he went in.

“What happened, little one?” he asked.

“I fell,” she said.

‘Nobody falls like that, I’ve fallen down a lot.I know what that looks like,” he said.

And suddenly there was this HUGE man, sitting next to the little girl and making her laugh (and shrug because laughter hurt), stroked her by the hair and frightened the team.That was when I was called, because for some reason the psychiatrist is always called in such situations. Not because it needs a psychiatrist, but because a psychiatrist is expendable in case the closet gets angry with mann.

I went in, had a short conversation and decided that everything was fine and there was no danger.Then I left again.

As I walked through the door, the man ran after me.He had tears in his eyes. “Who does this to a little girl?” he asked. “Assholes,” I said, admittedly not very professional. “No one should hurt this girl, I’m not going to let that happen,” he said. “Ehm, well, we have security forces and you are somehow assaulted.” “Stop me,” he said, smiling, still with tears in his eyes.

And then it went crazy.

The mother of the little ones came in.Still groaning. With her anabolic steroid boyfriend in tow. She made a scene. Wanted morphine for her daughter (yes nee, it’s clear), even wanted to return the ’20 for food from her daughter.

And between the anabolic steroid man, the mother and the little ones stood … the whole biker group.It turned out that Mr. Mount Everest was the group’s boss.

The mother’s boyfriend has tried a few times to intimidate the child, she should not tell anyone what is happening at home, and that she just comes home quickly, because the dishes don’t wash themselves.And every time they tried to intimidate the little girl, two bikers stood next to the girl and protected her and the staff (they even escorted the sisters when they took medication).

This is where my part ended.But the message has arrived and for the next few days they stayed with her in the hospital. One guy had received treatment for his stab wound and had already been discharged, but her bodyguards remained. This was a problem for the hospital, because they were not allowed to be with her legally because they were not relatives. But the mother was smart enough not to call the police and the hospital was a bit divisive. The sisters loved the biker teddies as they brought gifts and treats and told exciting stories.

I saw a biker a few weeks later.He was “accidentally” hit by a baseball bat and had to be X-rayed. Massive internal bleeding was imminent. He said they had made an “agreement” with the mother before the little girl was released. One of his brothers was a teacher and visited the girl and helped her learn. Another takes her to school until the bullies realize what powerhouses she now has as a protector. In addition, an “advocate” had a “nice conversation” with the teacher, who indisputed the bullying.

I don’t know what happened to her.But I know that in just a moment a man can transform himself from a menacing thug to a caring and loving person. Even from people you wouldn’t expect.

That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.

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