What was the last time you did something first? What was it?

I have tried my new toys for the first time today.

That white powder is olive oil.

With Tapioca Maltodextrin, you can transform oily substances into powder. I wanted to do this for years. And earlier this week I just ordered it. (Along with some other ingredients I wanted to try for years)

Zorbit is the brand name for the Maldodextrin, Lecitine is to stabilize foam.

Furthermore also Aliginate and Calicium lactate to try out spherification. Ultratex is also made of Tapioca and is used to gelate. Xanthan is also a thickening agent.

I admit it’s all spielerei.And you can call it silly. But others buy a moto or go weird when they have passed the 45. I cook. Every one’s thing, I think.

At the moment, in my kitchen, an attorney (pork-Snek) is cooking with another toy that I finally bought a week or 3 ago.

An Anova which is used to cook sous-vide.

The attorney I first had for 12 hours and is now at 61 掳C for 24 hours. Then I have to bake it. Also in Earl-Gray and Porto are marinated plums and a puree of sweet potatoes.

I have been following a cooking class for several years and I have to submit my final work this year.We need to elaborate 4 menus.

My cootjuf is going to explain me crazy.But I find it a little obliged to myself to get rid of the slightly less obvious things. In other words I’m experimenting and everything that comes in my final work I want to try first on my family.

Issue of just the things I can stand behind in the final work.

As I am from training chemist It is a small step towards the combination of science and cooking.

That slow-minded attorney is by the way based on a recipe of Eleven Madison Park A cookbook of a restaurant from New York.Although a recipe is usually just a basis to adjust afterwards. No doubt this is the dish where I have done the longest go over ever. If one of my children is going to break it down. What they do regularly:-) They go to bed early. Easter holidays or not!

So far, these dishes have already achieved the final work.

Tartar with lacquered eel on a bed made of homemade beetroot powder.

Rochefort Choco Mousse with blood orange and wet heads and avocate Creme.

(Finished with a heart of Ruby chocolate. I have a Valentine menu in my final work, hence. )

Slow-cooked squid in candy peppers with allspice d’espelette potato chips.

Trio of sweets (that’s in my first menu: I wanted to start simple.)

But I still have a lot of work and it should end of the month off.

Where did I start anyway?

I could have been making it so easy.


The result: They found it all super tasty!No one who needs to go to bed early. 🙂


My rifle fired at 300 feet.

The 100 meter I shoot fine hole in hole.

200 meters is already quite a bit further, but also goes fine. But 300 meters I have never done it.

What a distance.

Yes, I have friends for whom that is another Kippe-short. Those shooting competitions at over 4 kilometers. This is so far, that when calculating the shot, they have to count the Earth’s rotation.

But I am a hunter.In The Netherlands we shoot at a maximum of 100 meters. In Germany at 200 meters. 250 meters is really the maximum. But still I wanted to try those 300 meters. Especially since I wanted to know what that bullet does at that distance (which turned out to be almost 40cm down), and how I should estimate such a distance through my viewer.

1 month ago:

Staff manual with many legal terms and provisions etc.Translated into English. Research.

Fortnite-themed cake made with fondant figurines.Went pretty smoothly, it was like clays and the figurines were recognizable. But when the cake came out of the fridge and stood on the table, a construction was not really stable and began to melt. So a rush job has to do to fix it.

For the first time a joiner smoked on a staff party to hear.I didn’t notice that much of it, anyway less than a glass of wine. No idea what the fuss was all about.

I make it a sport/hobby to keep doing new things.Recently a new job; Since two weeks a new project in an area I totally know nothing about. Started playing theatre a few years ago. Written a play last year. Written two books the previous year.

That means that I also regularly do things for the last.Played a few years of fanatical guitar and took lessons, but I don’t do that anymore. Playing the piano: the same story. Programming, I was very good at it, but haven’t been doing it for ten years. Drawing/Painting: Ten years of teaching, had a lot of fun, but had to clear the field for new things.

In my previous job I was department manager, now I am executive consultant.Been a few years director, was nice to try, learned a lot from it, but am a little ready with it.

If you keep doing the same for too long, your mind becomes lazy; You will be less flexible and less tolerant.Therefore, you have to keep trying new things, meeting new people, hearing new opinions, discovering new viewpoints.

A few weeks ago I visited a doctor, in the waiting room they had a painting hanging.I looked at the painting, it wasn’t really nice but you could see that someone had done his best on it. Well I had a bit of painting in school, but that afternoon I decided to pick up the paint stuff and started to paint out of nowhere was the last time I started something new at least. Although it was not the first time I painted, then came the first time I did my best when painting.

With a team outing I’m essentially mug, mighty fun Sport.I only throw too hard and the stones only came against the back wall. Unfortunately.

Maybe there’s something more recent that I recently did first, but it was memorable when I first tried MDMA a month ago.

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