What tools do you use to be hyperproductive during your day?

Glasses that the Red Devils, NASA astronauts, top doctors and ministers use to put down top performance and be hyperproductive?

I wanted to investigate this: I immersed myself in the scientific literature and found that for 25 years research has been done on this technology, and discovered that this solid scientifically based tool is used in particular:

  • Improving sleep quality
  • Controlling stress
  • Mentally overworked his
  • Power to recharge the batteries quickly
  • Peeper Thoughts Bring peace
  • Exam preparation (e.g.

Better concentration, better memorization)

  • Pain management (of chronic pain)
  • Regulating jet lag
  • And still for a number of other specific situations.
  • How does the PSiO work?

    The PSiO goggles work with either pulsating coloured light, music and/or 3D voices.

    The technology behind the PSiO has been in research and development in collaboration with the University of Li猫gefor more than 25 years.It combines light stimulation with voice relaxation and colored, musical lighting effects.

    There are downloadable musical, relaxation and Insleep programs s.In addition, there are also specific therapeutic programs s, and programs s that give you an energy boost.

    When you set these glasses, you step into a completely different world, the world of relaxation.He brings your thinking spirit to rest and rebront you so that you are completely relaxed and experiencing a blissful feeling. The overstimulation of the senses that is first called differs for a phase in which your mind flow is released, so that there is a deep relaxation in which you can regain your powers.

    How often to use PSiO glasses?

    These glasses can be used for all kinds of stress, depression, fatigue, sleep disorders but also to give back energy.You can use it daily , so you enjoy that holiday feeling and the relaxation all year round.The PSiO can be used at any time when you need relaxation or recuperation.

    It is perfectly safe to use the PSiO several times a day.There are no contraindications except for epileptics.

    Model operating Instructions

    Morning: Follow the meditation program, led by the voice, with open eyes.

    s afternoon: Follow the Musical program Turbo Siesta with closed eyes.

    鈧?虄evening: Follow the relaxation program with closed eyes while you are already in bed.

    The sublime PSiO takes you on a sensory journey full of colors to forget the daily worries, stop worrying and escape from reality, to a pleasant, but especially stimulating universe!

    From the first seconds you literally enter into the musical emotion.And this immersion stops all thoughts in the cerebral cortex.

    What technology is in the PSiO?

    With high-tech research in optical physics and a worldwide certification, PSYCHOMED researchers have succeeded in spreading the light of a single diode evenly on a curved glass plate.Thanks to this technological masterpiece, a very small battery could be placed in the left side of the glasses and thus the PSiO became the only 芦All-in-one禄 device in its genre.

    Medical safeguards for the PSiO

    PSYCHOMED has years of experience with the technology used in the PSiO.This technology has been used in hospitals for 20 years, mainly for treating stress during operations with local anesthesia and in sleep clinics.

    In addition to therapists, hospitals and sleep laboratories, many other companies are putting this tool in place to improve the wellbeing of their employees during working hours.

    NASA also bought The Innovative Psio glasses a while ago to regulate the jet lag of astronauts and to help control their stress.

    Since 2016 the glasses are also accessible to the general public.

    Which program s are located in the PSiO?

    Via the built-in “MP3 Color Player” You can download various applications: There are programs 脗 s available for a positive feeling, for concentration, for relaxation, power naps, Recovery and Energy, help with studying, memory training, anti-stress, trauma processing, letting go, weight control, sensuality and very strong: the Sleepprogram s .

    The programs s with pulsed light reduce the negative gepieker.The program s with continuous light (photosensitive) are mainly used in meditation (or for about 7% of people who find pulsed light not pleasant).

    Source: You will find more info on http://www.psio.com and you can View The psio on http://www.psiostore.com with as code mind

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