What to do if you suddenly don’t appear to be the most beloved parent?

Therapy against jealousy?

I have a son and a daughter.I always say to my daughter that she is the dearest daughter I have, against my son that he is the dearest son. I usually get to hear that I am the sweetest daddy.

What I want to say is that I don’t try to be the sweetest parent.Love for my children is easily divisible and just as strong for the one as for the other. I wouldn’t want them to choose.

And if it is a remark of ‘ I prefer mama than you ‘, well, yes; They are entitled to that, and they may be right at that moment, because sometimes I am just the strictest parent, just as I am sometimes the most concerned or the most loving parent.Like their mommy. So it can be;-)

Why should you or want to be the most beloved parent?

I hope to have been the most righteous and good parent at the end.
And that makes you don’t always be the most beloved parent.

Should you ask my wife;-)

No, I think it’s still sometimes bills during your children’s life.Now they attract more to me, but there is also a time when they attract more to my wife. I think I can live with it. They have two parents, and they both need a little attention every now and then. It is not so that they cannot be my wife at all. Mama is the sweetest Mommy, and daddy the sweetest Daddy, only they always want to sit with daddy, or with daddy. But maybe it’s different again next year, and they just want to be with mum.

I think the answer depends on the situation.

Does the question arise from a divorce in which one parent feels that the other parent, by black or by pampering, manipulates the children?That is a difficult situation. But the best advice is not letting you drag in the fight. Make the other black… Most children will one day go through the lies and then choose the parent who has been honest, who has remained loyal to the ex partner who always remains the parent of the child. And spoil them, they get even quicker and they will play you against each other.

In other situations (parents are still throwing together or divorce without mud) there is nothing wrong.Each one has his or her role in education. Julie complement each other. Sometimes someone has to act, then you are less popular. Sometimes a child goes through a phase in which it needs the one or the other parent harder.

Children love their parents.This is a very strong bond and very little can break it. Trust in it, and don’t forget that it is not the task of the children to make the parents happy, but of the parents to unleash the children as well-functioning and happy adults in society. Even if you have to take unpopular measures for this.

No more the most beloved parent, bales, but suddenly you think that someone is sticking a lot of time in your children and/or running to manipulate, make you black or build a real character murder.Children remember everything, at a certain age they use that to get you down and only much later do they understand everything again. If it is good the choice for a beloved parent no longer plays either that one of the parents (or both) suffer from a disease, or one of them or both are mentally difficult or no longer reachable. Sometimes it’s a long wait (they never promised Land you a rose garden).

I would not be in it.In any case, I would not commit a murder.

It is not a contest to be the best parent found by your children.Just keep doing your best. Maybe you’ll be the best again.

Nothing, it’s not a contest.

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