What tips do you have to make a wild cat get used to living indoors?

That is practically an uninitiated work.A wild cat is not accustomed to domesticated life.Jekan may hold a wild cat in captivity, but then you have to start working on zoo-like fences.

Would you mean a wild cat You have a little more chance to keep her indoors.However, it will take a long time for them to familiarize you. She will recognize quickly enough who brings her food and that she doesn’t really have to be afraid of certain people. However, it is not a schoolcat.
With a wild cat, company of Begat House cats can help.The common house cat shows that there is nothing wrong with people. That gives the wild cat a little more confidence.

I myself have taken a farm kitten in the house.He was about 8 weeks when I picked him up. His Nest was born on a farm and only noticed by the people after mother with kittens showed herself. So the kittens had not come into contact with people in the first 8 weeks of their lives. I took him in the house where also three other people, another cat and a dog lived.

  • It took a time before he trusted the people.

However, he got food from me and my girlfriend and wende so reasonably quickly to our presence. As a kitten he let himself be on his lap, because he was still small and not easily escaped.

  • The other cat was very suspicious and literally wanted to have absolutely nothing to do with him.
  • That was tremendously frustrating at first. I counted on better integration.
    This 4 year old cat, got the cat contraceptive pill.This turned out to put her hormone housekeeping in such a way that she was hugely hostile to other cats. This almost changed from one day to the other after I quit this pill.
    She did not turn him off, but played with him, from that moment they slept together and were each other’s buddies.

  • The dog was curious.
  • That was first very creepy for the cat. But because the other cat turned him off, the dog became his best companion. They played with each other and after the other cat died, he and the dog slept together in the basket until the dog also died. (All many years later)

    However, the cat always remained suspicious of strangers.When a stranger came to him, he hid himself until it disappeared. In principle, he felt at two people at ease, as soon as more than two were crawling away. You could better leave him alone, he wanted to be absolutely unmet, and then weathered himself with hand and tooth; But especially nails.

    When his first buddies were older than he died, I brought new cats in the house, and also another dog.He was also very intimate with the other cats. Sometimes everything was in a tangle and he also helped raise two litters of kittens with them. The new dog was accepted, but he never got a buddies with the old dog.

    Ultimately, this tough R has become 23 years old.He has survived a fall of a roof. He has survived a collision with a car (19 years old) He has survived a carbon monoxide fermentation (21 years) but has died of old age.
    But has never trusted more than two people at the same time.

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