What things were invented by Belgians who are now used throughout the world?

1.The contraceptive pill

The concentration and composition of the current pill have been discovered by Mechels gynaecologist and scientist Ferdinand Peeters.In 1957, the American biologist Gregory Pincus had already marketed the Pill Enovid. It still had too many side effects and was therefore only allowed as a remedy for painful months. Ferdinand Peeters was looking for a means by which women could regulate their fertility. He improved the composition of the Enovid and invented thus the contraceptive pill.
No so, it was not a hippie, but a Belgian chemist in dust jacket, which made the sexual revolution possible.


In the first half of the 19th century, the mathematician and statistician Adolphe Quetelet designed the Queteletindex, better known as the Body mass index.BMI is an index that represents the ratio between length and weight in a person. It’s a simple way to see if someone is overweight or underweight.

3.Electric Bell

Polidor Lippens was a Belgian engineer.In 1850 he invented the vibrating mechanism of the electric bell, namely the vibratory.

4.Electric tram

The Belgian inventor Charles Van Depoele lived and worked in the Americas in the nineteenth century.He designed more than 200 electrical inventions and was a competitor of Thomas Edison. For 249 inventions he got a patent. His invention of the electric tram made the world famous of Deposital.


The name for 鈧?艙the Euro 鈧?was invented by Germain Pirlot, a French teacher and history.On 4 August 1995, Pirlot proposed to the then President of the European Commission, Jacques Santer, to use the name 鈧?虄Euro for the new currency. The Commission entered into that proposal.


Consciously or unconsciously, we are all very familiar with hypertext.It is one of the building blocks of the Internet. It makes sure that you can jump to a specific text or a specific place in a text. Wikipedia and search engines (for example Google) are very clear examples of hypertext. The principle was invented by the Belgian bibliographer Paul Otlet in 1934, long before the advent of the Internet.In the occupation of Belgium in 1940, a German colleague demanded the thesis that Otlet had written on and the Otlets task was to explain his findings.


The chemist Leo Baekeland emigrated from Belgium to America.He invented the first plastic in 1907, bakelite. Plastics or plastics are now no longer to be thought out of society.

8.The Big Bang theory

The Big Bang theory states that 13.8 billion years ago the universe emerged from a hugely hot point.From the Big Bang, space and time would have arisen and the universe was always expanding. In 1927, the priest and scientist Georges Lema卯tre described this expanding universe, when Einstein still held the static and stationary model of the universe.

9.Roller Skates

The invention of the roller skate is attributed to James Plimpton because he was the first to have a patent.However, In 1743, the Belgian inventor and watchmaker Jean-Joseph Merlin invented the roller skate.In the rollerskate of Plimpton there were four wheels, each two side by side. Merlin had all the wheels in succession. In fact, he was the inventor of the inline skate.


Adolphe Sax was a Belgian builder of musical instruments.He invented the wind instrument the saxophone in 1840.


Whoever says cricket, thinks of England.The typical English sport is hardly practiced in Belgium. However, the BBC did not announce long ago that the sport was introduced by some Flemish immigrants in the years 1500. They were working as weavers and as relaxation they entertained themselves by 鈧?虄with the Jack to Ketsen . The sport was first described in a poem by John Skelton in which the Flemings were described as the kings of the game.

12.Croquette Press

When the electric fryer was discovered in the 1960s, the sale of the croquettes was a famous boost.To meet the demand in his delicatessen, Gaspard Thienpont developed the millecroquettes.His invention immediately won the first prize at the International Salon for inventors in the household appliances category.

13.The plastic rain cap

Given the Belgian weather, it may not be surprising that the plastic rain cap was invented with us.

It was Wilfried Janssens, manager of Lukos, who came up with the idea in 1956.The caps were made from polyethylene and then folded during a labor intensive process. First this happened even in the family’s living room in zurenborg. Millions of pieces were brought to the woman worldwide, but the caps were never patented. Production at the factory in Lint was discontinued in 1991 and nowadays the caps are completely out of fashion.

14.The Bandage Bracket

When he did the invention exactly, it is not clear, but Eudore Evrard (1897 鈧?”1977) would be the inventor of the bandage parenthesis.

This clay emergency, a little small, with brackets, makes it easy for the nursing staff around the world to keep a relationship together. According to his family, Evrard would never have wanted to apply for a patent because he was opposed to the administrative burden. Something that his heirs naturally deplore.

15.Parking sensors

Another unmisundered genius is Rudy Beckers.

In 1987 he asked for a patent for his approach reporter. His Mazda 323 was the first car that was equipped with it so that his wife would no longer have to get out to give clues. Nowadays every new car is equipped with the pinch. Unfortunately, at some point, Beckers forgot to pay the fees on his patent (SO鈩?n thirty euros) which made it. He has not become a billionaire, but it is still in his name.

16.Mosquito Repellent

The mosquito milk we take every year on a trip was invented by Alfons Van Doninck in 1987.At that time he did research on malaria in the Tropical Institute in Antwerp. The middle that existed then to repel mosquitoes was terrible and Van Doninck wanted to remedy this. The new plea, however, proved not only less to stink, it was also more efficient than the original. His company Jaico still makes the product according to the same process so many years later. The name mosquito milk was simply about a white liquid.

17.The V-Mark

The Victory signs were known during World War II by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, but he is not the inventor of it.Victor de Laveleye, announcer AT The BBC’s Belgian broadcasts in 1914, called on his compatriots to paint the letter V everywhere in the country on doors and walls.The V of Victoire, but also the V of freedom. A real Belgian invention. As soon as the sign was also popular in the Netherlands and the north of France. Years later, the sign continues to emerge, just think of the hippies during the Vietnam war.

18. The Frisco (Better Known as: Ola Magnum )

When developing this product, the main problem was that the chocolate at the bottom melted too fast, so it quickly became a sticky mess.The Belgian Frans de Wever has developed a much more solid kind of chocolate for the soil to prevent that.
Watch out for the next Magnum you eat.If this revolutionary invention has no name, let’s call it concrete chocolate .

The first and easiest: Bakelite.

Things that are not yet named…

1) The term ‘ Iron Curtain ‘ by Queen Elisabeth in 1915

Although the English equivalent already existed longer.

2) Demining Rats

Rats are sufficiently intelligent to be trained and have a stronger sense of smell than dogs.

A Belgian team has trained rats to search for explosives.

Rats also have the added benefit of not having enough roads to explode the mines.

3) Fritten (albeit)

The origins of the frit always remain a discussion point.There is a chance that they are invented in Belgium… by a French engineer… Who then picked up the idea again while living in a Belgian city (Li猫ge)… So… Half Belgian?

4) A whole series of medications by Paul Janssen

Most are no longer used today because there is better in the meantime.

Here is a list of Belgian inventions-Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Some of these are missing there;-)

@ Reply from Bernard Delafontaine
5.Euro: Personally, I had a much better, “Europesere” name:
Value Editors ( Carma)
18.The Frisco:
That’s also the only stick ice cream to enjoy. For years I thought it was gone and replaced by the not to eat Magnums (veels too thick chocolate layers), but a few years ago I found them back in the Match stores.It’s above my hats that they had to lay thumbs for Magnums.

The saxophone, by Adolphe Sax in 1841; Roller skates by Jean-Joseph Merlin in 1760.

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