What things of the universe will we never understand?

That is a nice question and before you know it you come up with ‘ nice ‘ answers.Thus of

  • Why will I never understand religion?
  • Why doesn’t everyone just speak Dutch?
  • Why does Trump have such weird hair?

And everything in between, especially the last question has a deep psychological side (can not be otherwise)

More seriously, because this is the way your question is meant:

We will never understand that the universe is there at all. That is the greatest mystery to me.’ Ploep Here I’m ‘ seems to be of a staggering simplicity but much more I can’t really make of it.

Furthermore, it seems to me that intelligence and self-awareness also remain tricky concepts.Yes, I know what you can expect from the theory of evolution, but that is too skinny. Intelligence is also emerging in an emergency, if you are marketing it against the usual millions of years when changes occur. is called 150,000 years. Well that’s incredibly short for something like intelligence.

But above all ‘ why is religion there ‘.

This is an excellent story by Andy Thomson.Is already a bit older but still topical enough.

Why We believe in God’s.

You will have to look through some psychological terms, but then you also have some.I played it myself a few times and then the penny fell quickly. Very well built and substantiated story.

Good question!


Nice answer from Carel.I find the explanation of Alexander less. Mysinzien is that we do not understand ever smaller. Ultimately, your question will be traced back to what we mean by the notion of “understanding”. For example, take quantum mechanics. This describes the reality of small particles to many decimal places precisely with the equations of Heisenberg, Schrodinger and others, but do you call this quantum mechanical model the “understanding” of reality? Do you understand that particles can occur as a wave or particel? Understand thereby the onzekerheidsreleatie of Heisenberg? If you say yes, we understand more and more. General relativity describes the behavior of the space in very large detail. The standard model of the elementary particles describes in many details the existence of these particles, but we also know that this description is not complete. Soon (sic) we will have a better model, causing causal relationships between one description of reality and another description, allowing us to push the “why” question back to a deeper point. My understanding is that over time we will come to one coherent description of reality with a very limited number of assumptions or constants and that we can then say that we “understand” everything, because that is the best description of our Reality. Then only the question remains about “why is this the best description and not something else?” and it will not be easy to find an answer. Ultimately, we must accept that it is so.

You can understand, or perceive, what we know from science, the area of a circle.What we do not understand is the circumference of this circle. Now, if the circle with the time and the scientific search becomes larger, the circumference of the circle is also larger. Thus, the more we are going to understand, or perceive from the universe, the more questions about what we do not understand will emerge. Things that we perceive and do not understand are, for example, dark matter and dark energy. And if we succeed in solving these riddles, then new, more fundamental questions will emerge! This is science (not to be compared to religion, where everything is solved!)

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