SoHo, Manhattan

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Location Approximately north to south: Houston to Canal Streets; and West to East: West Broadway or Sixth Avenue to Crosby Street or Lafayette Street Manhattan, New York City
Coordinates 40.723°N 74.000°W
Area 73 acres (30 ha)

And what streets are in SoHo?

Area boundaries are Houston Street to the north and Canal Street to the south, 6th Avenue to the west and Crosby Street to the east. Located in Greater Lower Manhattan, SoHo is accessible by several subway lines.

And why is SoHo famous?

Soho is also known for its daring vibe. Here you will find many London sex shops, burlesque shows and gay and lesbian bars. Other interesting London neighborhoods within walking distance from Soho include Chinatown, Covent Garden, Piccadilly Circus and Mayfair.

Do you know what SoHo’s main street is?


Where can I walk in SoHo New York?

  • 1) West Broadway Street. Image from La Citta Vita under Creative Commons License.
  • 2) Prince Street.
  • 3) Prince Street.
  • 4) Prince Street, corner of Lafayette Street.
  • 5) Broadway Street.
  • 6) Greene Street corner Spring Street.
  • 7) Greene Street.
  • 8) Spring Street corner with West Broadway Street.

Is SoHo hipster?

Soho is one of London’s most culturally diverse neighborhoods and has always been a center of alternative entertainment for decades. If you are looking for luxury hotels in Lancaster, the Park Grand London is the perfect place to start your hipster adventure.

How far is Times Square from SoHo?

2 miles

Is Little Italy in Soho?

SoHo is the area south of Houston and north of Canal Street on the west side of Manhattan (map). Stretching around Mulberry Street from Spring Street to Canal Street in Manhattan, Little Italy is packed with New York‘s best Italian restaurants and cafes.

Is it safe to walk around SoHo at night?

New York is very safe and SoHo is an upscale and trendy area. People are awake and leaving restaurants and clubs, walking their dogs, or coming home from somewhere. Yes, unless you’re strolling down a deserted alley at 4am after drinking LOTS. As mentioned, it’s safe.

How far is Canal Street from Times Square?

The distance between Canal Street (New York City Subway) and Times Square is 3 miles.

What is SoHo chic?

The SoHo chic look is what you see “on the streets” of Soho – a style that is a mix of the area’s artsy, bohemian (boho) roots and more is modern, urban, elegant and edgy.

Is Harlem Safe?

Harlem is as safe as any New York City community and has a great sense of community despite creeping gentrification. The people who live there want to be there and want visitors to know that.

Where do celebrities live in New York?

Where do celebrities live in New York?

  • Brooklyn Heights. Amy Ryan. Eric Slovin.
  • Williamsburg. Ed Westwick. James Lafferty.
  • East Village. Amanda Seyfried. Cynthia Nixon.
  • Park Slope. Anne Hathaway.
  • Financial District. Chase Crawford.
  • Flatiron District. Caroline Wozniacki.
  • Gramercy Park. Jay Baruchel.
  • Greenwich Village. Julia Roberts.

In NYC, is Soho safe?

Soho is SAFE, great fun with lots of restaurants, shops and activities.

What does TriBeCa stand for?

Tribeca /tra?ˈb?k?/, originally written as TriBeCa, is a borough in Lower Manhattan, New York City. His name is a syllabic abbreviation of “Triangle Below Canal Street“.

What shops are in Soho?

Cheapest shops in Soho

  • Forever 21.
  • H&M.
  • Mystique Boutique.
  • Necessary clothing.
  • Uniqlo.

Is SoHo expensive?

SOHO, NY – The list of the most expensive NYC neighborhoods of 2016 is, as always, quite annoying. With a 21 percent increase in median selling prices since last year, SoHo ranked second with a median selling price of $3,517,500. The Queens neighborhood has seen a 37 percent increase in home prices this year.

Is SoHo Uptown or Downtown?

Downtown means south of 30th Street. Of course, downtown Manhattan is most commonly identified by famous neighborhoods such as Tribeca, SoHo, and the West Village, among others, whose names carry even more meaning than the “downtown” label.

How far is SoHo from Central Park?

5 miles

What does NoHo stand for in NYC?

NoHo is for North of Houston Street (as opposed to SoHo, South of Houston Street). a landmarked upper-class neighborhood in the New York City borough of Manhattan.

What is the Soho neighborhood?

87\\ ha

Is Chinatown in New York safe?

Many travelers wonder if Chinatown is safe in NYC. The answer is mostly yes, but keep in mind that New York‘s Chinatown has a higher rate of muggings and robberies than the national average, although the neighborhood also has lower theft and homicide rates than the rest of the United States.