What should you do as a recruitment manager if someone replies to the question ‘ Have you ever been convicted of a crime ‘?

Nothing wrong at all.It is a question that a recruiter asks along his nose while he is making some papers and formulates as ‘ something on your criminal journal that could be of interest to us? ‘.
There are jobseekers who are victims of completely erroneous stories that, through mutual communication between recruiters and phone calls with a gruky ex-employer, get the status of myths.When it was a promising candidate, I turned every stone to know the true commitment. I called colleagues, ex-employers, etc. You hardly believe how such nonsense stories can seriously harm a person’s career and how ‘ professional headhunters ‘ swallow them like sweet cakes.

For instance, a truck driver would have once blocked a busy access road through his employer’s newly loaded truck, with all doors open and the keys on the lock, just a few minutes after the start of his ride, left across the road.
This incident had never occurred.Nowhere. He himself thought that someone had spread the rumor because of his Moroccan origins. No one has ever found out how that myth had spread (undoubtedly through intercontact between the grabbing employers and recruiters).
That same afternoon I had already gotten him to work.After 5 months of unemployment.

In the financial sector, ‘ fraud ‘ is almost always kept silent or ‘ amicably ‘ regulated.’ Fraud ‘ is used for every mistake, however insignificant. A caste short of 鈧?.50 falls under ‘ fraud ‘, a chief cashier who has four safes, three of which are insured up to 鈧?0.000 and one to 鈧?1.00, 000 and which in the evening must divide his cash stock of 鈧?4.00, 000 ‘ optimally ‘, commits fraud. He didn’t do anything else. If they want to dismiss someone, then three deficits or many of 鈧?.20 of which that person is informed in writing to terminate the contract are sufficient.

After a merger of two banks, of which the acquiring bank applied the rules a lot strict than the more tolerant bank, a director of an office where rules ‘ looser ‘ was interpreted on a standing footing was dismissed.In a sealed envelope, he kept the combination (without the key that the Lady himself kept) in a safe from the bank himself for an elderly lady. This in case they would forget the song. Such practices are more common, given the high cost of drilling a safety box open. Where does it always go wrong? When the family is suspicious and suspects the banker of being able to benefit from this or a complaint. Although the vault of the lady only contained the paper prints of digitized transactions and insurances, where the banker could not handle anything, he could raise the same.

An inexperienced recruiter never recruits a ‘ frauding banker ‘.I did, if I knew the whole story. If the candidate waited for a correctional lawsuit, that was obviously not the case. That meant that there was evidence of serious crimes. Strangely, just those smooth Janussen found pretty fast (and often even more lucrative) jobs in the same sector.

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