What should I do if my parents refuse to buy a car for me?

Hard work and much to spare.Making money and buying a car yourself.

I feel that this question has been translated from English.In the US it is a tradition. In the Netherlands absolutely not. What should you do? Like everyone saving and paying for themselves.

First just buy other parents.But look out, maybe you should go for a more expensive model this time. In the cheaper types is often lacking the money paw.

My personal opinion reads as follows:

  1. Search for what Introspection is or means;
  2. Stand in front of the mirror and try to ponder how you came to the above Potsierlijk shameful question;
  3. Do what Roger Heykoop has replied to: ” ̃hard work and lots of savings. “™

(Incidentally, a car does not have to buy So™ N Challenge, even if you live in a socialist welfare state like the Netherlands.For approx. 1500 EUR you have an excellent driving and very reliable second hand Toyota from 1995. The challenge in a socialist welfare state like the Netherlands is not to buy a car, but to haveone.Fuel, parking, insurance and maintenance, it can be a challenge. Most European Big Brothers levy a lot of strain on both products and services, and all on fuel and labor. And oh yeah, I hadn’t even mentioned the road tax yet. So even if you could get your parents crazy to finance a part of your first years 90 Starlet or Corolla, you would still have to go to the bucket to actually drive ” ̃m and keep driving. Even though all these different, regular costs will be a lot lower at a well maintained years 90 Corolla, than at a poorly maintained and/or more modern BMW, the remaining regular costs. Or were you so lucky that you expected your parents to also fund the maintenance and insurance and the road tax and fuel etc?)

Become mature and come out of that socialist bubble.Not everything is done for you and is ready for you. Or did you expect to be able to linger on the couch until you have 50th?

It only stayed at the purchase, but what would you have thought of the insurance, the gasoline, the small maintenance, the great maintenance, the road tax, the friends who ask if you can bring them away because you are driving on water huh.

Or maybe the public transport/bike/moped/on foot might not be so bad yet?

You seriously wonder who you are and what you want with your life…… talk to other people of your age about what is bothering them, just because it can.

I would consider myself why I expect my parents to have a car for me….

To dismiss parents and find a better version.These people obviously don’t have the best with you before….

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