What should I definitely not do when I am in China?

These are my recommendations based on personal travel experiences in China:

Political statements about the Chinese you don’t know personally
Sensibly lie the issue with Tibet and the status of the Dalai Lama, the independence of Hong Kong and Taiwan, the student revolt on Tian An Men, the position of the Communist Party and its leader, topics such as human rights, free speech and censorship, …
The reason why you do not do this is because there is a government monitoring in China and people can still get into trouble on the basis of their free speech on these subjects.Maw If you talk about this with Chinese who do not know you personally, they also do not know if you maybe as informant, journalist, Spy, etc… Works.
Current Chinese policy also promotes nationalism MAW it is very critical to the West.In addition, the average Chinese will find that such topics are not your business once: they are Chinese issues where from their perspective you should not mix up once in a while.

Don’t expect free internet access

Both You Tube, Facebook and various apps from Google (OA Maps) are blocked.Also, using a VPN is not always reliable because there is a cat and mouse game between VPN providers and the Chinese government. So don’t count on one VPN to hit the Chinese ‘ firewall ‘: One VPN does not work at one time.
In China, WeChat and QMail is very popular: You better install these apps beforehand if you want to chat or send messages to the home front.
The same applies to the previous comment: Chinese apps, email, and internet forums are monitored by the Government for keywords.Obviously, every post you write is literally read, the Chinese government uses search filters and algorithms to monitor for certain sensitive issues. Therefore, use these apps purely to regulate practical matters but not to engage in discussions on sensitive subjects.

Food hygiene control is not as expected in the Netherlands or Belgium

The Chinese cuisine is usually very tasty and varied but expects that you will incur diarrhea.I ran 2-times diarrhea in 2 weeks time while I was eating in popular restaurants. Due to the very strict regulations on food safety in countries such as the Netherlands and Belgium, our food is usually quite sterile. Because there are so many restaurants in China, strict control is almost impossible, so keep in mind that at least once your stomach will be overset even though the food looks delicious.

Don’t be meelokken by strangers to Chinese teahouses

Especially in Beijing, as a male westerner, you will sometimes be approached by attractive Chinese women who want to do a chat to practice their English or who indicate they are interested in your culture.As a man, that of course is your ego, but keep in mind that this is a usual scam practice. These women work in the service of some Chinese teahouses and it is their job to lure you to a tea house where you will be presented with a very expensive account. Prostitution is illegal in China, so if attractive Chinese women approach you on their own initiative, you usually know enough. Usually Chinese women are reserved and they will not be the first to take an intimate conversation with you.

Expect you will pay more for taxis

Many taxi drivers speak only Chinese so it is even difficult to make it clear that you only want to drive on the meter.If you take a taxi then you will be on the meter before you leave. You can of course refuse to take a taxi if they do not want to drive on the meter, but keep in mind that it can take a while before you find a taxi. In The Capitals you better use only the Metro: it is much cheaper and faster.

Think that you get cash far with Euri or have. All you need is phone and Wechat.

Instead of a block of text with some criteria I will share 2 YouTube channels where there is more than enough info to be found.

It’s not exactly technical, but that makes looking easy.
For a macro-look, that is, depth in political subjects, being able to bridge the minefield of Chinese politics, China Uncensored: Essential China Facts-YouTube

And for the traveler or ‘ prospecting expat ‘, ADV China: Adventure Talk Show on 2 Wheels-YouTube

The list of what you shouldn’t do is too long, as a foreigner you often have a lot of social freedom, obviously it is not expected of you to understand everything.
The best solution is to teach a situational consciousness and develop a light insight ability, in order to not enter the error in nuanced interactions.

Maargoed a few golden tips are, especially if you want to live there:
No one on the street medical help.
NEVER fight.
You will never be Chinese.
Not everyone is nationalistic, although it seems so.

And for tourists, look up all the relevant scam tactics, at each country.

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