Bring soda, bottled water, sparkling water, or extra pop (yes, Chicagoans say “pop”). A bottle of wine and/or beer is used for the party or saved for another occasion. Bratwurst or bratwurst for the summer grill scream. Flowers for the host are welcome.

Besides, what should I bring to a Memorial Day picnic?


  • Broccoli salad.
  • Chicken salad.
  • Coleslaw.
  • Corn salad.
  • Cucumber salad.
  • Egg salad.
  • Fruit salad.
  • Greek salad.

And what should I take with me to a last-minute barbecue? 11 procrastinator-friendly, last-minute meals for

  1. Great Garlic Bread. Garlic bread is an easy side dish if you’re already using the grill.
  2. A perfect pitcher of iced tea.
  3. Butter and cornbread.
  4. Baller Baked Beans.
  5. Simple sangria.
  6. Marinated cheese.
  7. Simple antipasti platter.
  8. Pie à la mode.

With that in mind, what should I bring to the BBQ?

Here are 50 of the best recipes for BBQ Sides, Summer Salads, Appetizers & BBQ Desserts right here. BBQ side dishes

  1. Grilled fruit skewers.
  2. Mexican Street Corn.
  3. Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese.
  4. Sweet Cornbread.
  5. Crockpot BBQ Meatballs.
  6. Asparagus Wrapped in Bacon.
  7. Corndog Muffins.
  8. Grilled Zucchini.

What do you eat on Memorial Day?

  • All-American Bacon Cheddar Burger.
  • Merguez with pickled carrots and cumin aioli.
  • Roasted pork sandwich with cilantro sauce.
  • Vegan BBQ burger.
  • Hot dogs with corn salsa.
  • Burger with roasted tomatoes, pesto and mozzarella.
  • Pasta salad with tomatoes, zucchini and feta.
  • Watermelons -Feta salad.

What should I bring to a Memorial Day party?

What should I bring to a Memorial Day cookout

  • Ice cream is always a hit.
  • Homemade guacamole with fries and/or bring-your-own salsa is delicious.
  • The bartender might need an extra bag or two of ice cream.
  • A watermelon or vegetable tray is seasonal and healthy.
  • Homemade fruit salad or a vegetable side dish are well thought out.
  • Every grill needs coleslaw or potato salad.

Should you bring something to a BBQ?

Bring e something with. You don’t have to go all out and bring a dish (unless you ran that idea first from the host); Instead, grab a bottle of wine or dessert from the store. It shows you care enough not to just want the free food.

What can I bring to a BBQ with friends?

25 BEST Side Dishes You To

  1. Tuna Pasta Salad by Tastes Better From Scratch.
  2. Fruit Candles by Tastes Better From Scratch.
  3. Broccoli Salad by Tastes Better From Scratch.
  4. Cucumber tomato avocado salad from tastes better from scratch.
  5. Baked potato salad from tastes better from scratch.

What is the best food for a cookout?

Whatever type of al fresco meal you’re planning, look no further than these seasonal recipes to round off the meal.

  • Greek Grilled Eggplant Steaks.
  • Grilled Nectarine Salad.
  • Mango Chile Chicken.
  • Mediterranean Orzo Salad.
  • Chuck Burger.
  • Roasted Potato Salad.
  • Roasted Corn with Four Chile Butter.
  • Pacific TV.

What’s the cheapest thing to bring to a potluck?

Win your next potluck with one of these 23 cheap, easy potluck dishes

  • Triscuit Pizzas.
  • Hummus and warm flatbread.
  • Meat dumplings.
  • Baked spaghetti.
  • Blue cheese and walnut spread.
  • Fruit salsa with baked cinnamon chips.
  • BLT pasta salad.
  • Crock pot mac and cheese.

What are good side dishes for BBQ ribs?

9 perfect side dishes to serve with BBQ Ribs

  • Slow-Cooker Collard Greens.
  • Classic Macaroni and Cheese.
  • Herb Potato Salad.
  • Crispy corn flatbreads.
  • Baked cheese greens tze.
  • Corn with Basil Butter and Flaky Salt.
  • Corn & Tomato Slaw.
  • Jalapeño Corn Beer Bread.

What is a good dish for grilling?

  • Grilled corn on the cob. Source: Foodie Crush.
  • Tomato and avocado salad. Source: Gimme Delicious Food.
  • Fruit and Cream Cheese Sandwiches.
  • Peach Salsa.
  • Raspberry Chipotle Barbecue Ribs.
  • Cauliflower Mac N’ Chicken Casserole.
  • Summer Strawberry Spinach Salad with Avocado.
  • Burger with Blackened Salmon and Herbed Cream Cheese.

What goes with hamburgers and hot dogs?

From classic coleslaw to awesome grilled corn on the cob, here are seven easy side dishes for hot dogs.

  • Classic coleslaw.
  • Corn on the cob with seasoned salts.
  • Pasta salad with grilled vegetables, parsley and feta.
  • Three – cheese mini Macs.
  • Classic potato salad.
  • Bistro fries.
  • Corn and green bean salad.

What do you serve at a Memorial Day party?

All the Memorial Day party food you’ll ever need this holiday weekend

  • Roberto Santibañez’s classic guacamole.
  • Everything but kitchen sink pasta salad.
  • Crispy oven-baked carnitas nachos with homemade tortilla chips.
  • Mango + plum sweet tea cocktail.
  • Blue deviled eggs with roasted garlic and asparagus.
  • Grape leaf pilaf.

What side dishes go with hoagies?

  • Hummus and veggie sandwich with couscous.
  • Grilled chicken breast sandwich with potato salad.
  • Turkey sandwich with baked sweet potato fries.
  • BBQ pulled pork sandwiches with baked beans.
  • Hot ha m and cheese sandwiches with coleslaw.
  • Grilled portobello sandwiches with bean salad.
  • Reuben sandwich with Fruit salad.

What should I bring to a hamburger cookout?

But not all cookout sides are created equal. The Definitive Ranking of Cookout Sides

  1. A green salad. Oh come on.
  2. Ants on a log.
  3. Bean salad.
  4. Ambrosia salad.
  5. Corn salad.
  6. Grilled eggplant.
  7. Grilled artichokes.
  8. Quinoa salad.

What’s easy to bring to a cookout?

Our top recommendations:

  1. Buffalo Mac & Cheese (Zweigle’s Style!)
  2. Chicken Club Sausage Pasta Salad.
  3. One-Pot Creamy Greek orzo with chicken sausage.
  4. Sausage and potato and summer vegetable stir fry.
  5. Potato pierogi casserole.
  6. Sausage broccoli cheddar pasta salad.

What should you pack on a picnic?

Here are suggestions for things to pack for your next picnic.

  • A picnic hamper, picnic hamper, bag, cooler or backpack.
  • A picnic blanket.
  • Plates, glasses, utensils and napkins.
  • Corkscrew or bottle opener.
  • Chopping board and knife.
  • Ice pack or thermos flask.
  • Garbage bag.

What to bring to a potluck without cooking?

You can bring an entree to the potluck without having to preheat the oven or stovetop. Main Dishes

  1. Chinese Chicken Salad Spring Rolls.
  2. Zucchini Noodles with Tomato and Corn.
  3. How to make a sandwich for a crowd.
  4. Israeli 3 Bean Couscous Salad.
  5. Pasta salad with smoked Gouda, roasted red peppers and artichoke hearts.

What a good side dish to bring to the BBQ ?

Alfredo Mac and Cheese

  • The best plain cornbread.
  • White barbecue sauce – an Alabama favorite.
  • Southwestern Chipotle Lime Pasta salad.
  • Tomato cucumber salad with chickpeas & mint.
  • Lemon tzatziki potato salad.
  • Barbecue Spice Roasted Potato Nuggets.
  • Lemon shrimp noodle salad.
  • Lemon chive grilled corn salad.

What do you eat with pulled pork?

Pulled Pork Sides: Our Favorite

  1. Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread.
  2. BBQ Baked Beans.
  3. Simple healthy sauerkraut at.
  4. Sweet Corn Fritters.
  5. Loaded Potato Salad.
  6. Simmered Okra and Tomatoes.
  7. Spicy Collard Greens.
  8. Southern Deviled Eggs.

How do I organize a perfect BBQ?

8 tips for hosting the best summer barbecue

  1. Keep it simple. The key to a great barbecue is to keep it casual.
  2. Have a seat. You don’t have to coordinate formal seating, but make sure you provide enough seating for your guests.
  3. Get Groovin’
  4. Avoid a spice disaster.
  5. Stocking the bar.
  6. Entertain the crowds.
  7. Fuck off.
  8. Two words: Sundae Bar.