What should everyone in his car have ‘ for the certainty ‘?

Warning Triangle, connection box, glass hammer, blanket and if necessary spare parts.

There are plenty of things that can be very handy to have in the car as a standard equipment although I hope for everyone that they will never be needed all this stuff, but will try to give some of these things as a list of reasonable rest Ing.

  1. Spare wheel
  2. Cross-key (given that a wheel is easier to loosen as the standard key which is often already in the car)
  3. Good quality jack that is also safe
  4. Replacement lamps and suitable fuses for the car
  5. Hazard triangle, pawns and safety lights
  6. Windscreen Tikker/Glass hammer with a belt knife in order to destroy the window in case of an emergency
  7. Orange or yellow reflective top clothing For example, the yellow lever known from TV and not forgetting to wear it also in bad luck for your own safety and the safety of others
  8. Some hand tools such as screwdrivers, a knife that is not larger as the law allows, a hammer etc.
  9. Good tow Cable
  10. Start cables that can tolerate enough to start your car
  11. A driver when you are planning to drink something more as good for you in the evening
  12. Engine oil, windscreen liquid, coolant and a roll of toilet paper with which everything can be wiped off the hands.
  13. 5 litre fuel in jerrycan with spout if you have a gasoline or diesel car because then you can still drive to the next pump at an empty tank
  14. A good flashlight, I would choose a LED flashlight with a good beam
  15. Bandage drum that is well filled
  16. Insurance claim forms can be useful when there is a collision where you are involved
  17. If you are driving in the cold periods in Germany then its winter tires will be obliged there
  18. If you are wall-solid in an infinite amount of stationary and crawling Auto s, then something to read might be useful, use that time to read the manuals of your car once because calling/Appen with that one great friend or friend is nowadays with A fine that is getting higher is not really recommended and moreover, that may be less safe if reading the card or reading the manual what strangely enough all do mag 鈧?娄
  19. Always take a friendly smile, good behaviour and be fearsome and always take into account all other traffic participants

With which to look out

  1. Never leave animals or small children alone in a car, these can come in the worst case by the warmth to be over…
  2. No bottles of water/drink are swayed in sight, these work by sunlight like a magnifying glass and can cause a car fire by this sunlight again..
  3. A mobile phone with possibly a charging cable to call a known or a rescuer when needed

I think the above list is fairly complete, standard things you should keep with you and certainly not leave your car behind such as row and license plate/rental documents I leave because I hope this will be clear to everyone.

Anyway always take a very good mood in the car because if every one would do that the traffic would be very much more enjoyable, lots of driving fun!

In any case you need to have gasoline or diesel otherwise the car will not drive.Starter cables and a tow cable is also very nutig. If it is good, a car already has a spare wheel and a jack and flashlight. All car papers must always be in your car.

In Belgium you are obliged to have: a warning triangle, a bandage box to provide first aid.

You have to have a fire extinguisher and since a dozen years a fluovestje for when you eg. Have a breakdown.

A tank of windscreen washer fluid with antifreeze.That stuff always touches when the sun is on your windshield or if you ride through the mountains with snow.

An emergency hammer to skip a window or to cut a belt in case of emergency

Registration certificate

Insurance papers

Safety vest should you be unlucky.

Danger Triangle.

Extra Tire

Litres of oil

Tool to measure tyre pressure and profile depth.

That was it so鈩?N bit.

Fuel, diesel or gasoline and good thick starter cables.

The rest has already been answered by other contributors.

Some people do drag a lot…:-)

I would say a glass hammer with blade that allows you to cut the belt, but attach it well to a place for the driver and co-driver.Possibly in the back of another, when you often carry passengers in the back. A hammer loose in the dash box or on the side in the door you probably don’t have much to do. In case of a serious accident where you will need it, all the loose stuff is flown everywhere, its doors bent so you can no longer in the box etc. Just fix it in the middle console or on the roof, but it does not fly loose in an accident, because if you get a hammer with 80 km/h against your head you can not tell it again.

A parking disc in the blue zones.

Scraper for removing ice.

Spare lights.(Please note that you have the correct type for your car. Mostly H4 or H7)

An old cotton cloth to wipe your dipstick with when you measure your oil level once a month.

A hazard triangle, with one or two yellow/orange reflective hesjes.

In cold periods a blanket, for if you come in a long file or get bad luck.In warm periods a bottle of water, but do not put it in the sun.

What sultanas or Liga cakes for when you get hungry during a long ride.


Chargers for navigation/telephone

A piece of rope to be able to bind something.

Phone + number of emergency services and road guard service, but leave this phone stowed while driving, or use it only for navigation, while being neatly in a little holder.

A spray can temporarily fill a flat tire until you are at home, if you do not have a spare wheel and jack in your car.

A pen and some post-it, sometimes you just want to leave a note for someone.

I think you already have a nice bit of it.I would not go by default with an extra jerrycan petrol or so… You also need to change it regularly, and at the petrol pump they are also not fond of filling jerry cans.

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