What should a person’s life purpose be?

It seems to me that this can be different for everyone.For one it is as fast as possible to become a millionaire, for the other it is possible to show compassion for the fellow man, for another is to do scientific research and find answers to the most complex issues and for another It is to become world famous.

What also a person’s purpose may be: Let me do me an you do you, and don’t be mad if I’m doing me better than you doing you.Every person is a variation on myself. I never try to look up or down to another.

How do I look at myself?That is much more important. As a child, I never had the ambition to become an automatic pilot. There are too many instruments that I can learn to play, too many places on Earth to visit, too many languages to learn to speak, too many people to get to know everyone, too many YouTube videos to watch, so every day about the same thing expire or me Bored is not my life goal anyway.

My whole life I have had the feeling that my life must have a purpose (for me) as well.That I have to discover my true self and must become who I am. The reason I get out of bed every day (because yes, why/For what am I actually getting out of bed every day) should be more than just going to school/work, earning money, buying stuff or gaining more followers on social media? No. Money or followers are rather the reason for nowhere. The reason I’m doing something is because I can’t let it.

I can rather do what I feel good and happy with than letting it for a very good reason.As often as possible do what I prefer to do and what I can’t let is so for years my purpose. It’s never too late for a happy childhood. So my life goal (whatever it may be) remains everyday and always feasible. It also appears to be liquid, just like my identity. By definition, the definitions I define are never definitive. Change is tradition.

My reason for existence has mainly to do with (re) discovering my passions and developing my talents.I do not live every day as if it were my last, that would not sustain or afford anyone. I do see every day as an opportunity to get a better version of myself with good courage. By making as many mistakes as possible (but rather never the same) I learn the most. Personal growth is the last I feel fear. Worrying is the wrong way to fantasize, so I just keep following my heart. And just do it. If my life goal is incessant improvement, then I will never get my goal. But they don’t say for nothing that the trip is important than the destination.

In short: My goal in life is to be so busy with my own development and growth, that I have no time and energy to criticise others.

What is your life purpose?

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