What sentences did you get when you were disobedient?

That could vary.The usefulness of it is still being denied to me today. Disobedient-There were also not really guidelines for that. That could just be suddenly.

I remember that I gave a party in Drievliet, I was maybe 6 or so.There I had to go to the TOILET-my mother then came behind that a streak was in my knickers. I got a pack of rattles and ‘ if I see this again I tell all the children. ‘ She could have taught me better how to wipe off my buttocks properly. Much more useful than giving me blows and threatening at my party. After that moment I also no longer had to fear that she would be angry with me anyway (because she was very unpredictable) and that would say to children.

I think that with everything the penalties were mainly physical (and above all from impotence).
Nothing was well thought out with the aim to make me think.It was for me often from scratch that the stoppers were beating. There was no warning, pats boom a slap in my face.

Once we sat at the table and I ate my lettuce too slowly.From scratch I was struck on my mind at once. Because I didn’t expect it, I didn’t resist and I went over with my face in the glass dish.
Sometimes I wished that the whole bowl was broken in a thousand shards and that they had been sitting in my face.At least the world had seen what was happening at home. Now I came from it with some scratches.

My parents only stopped when I was 17.Then my mother came up, with a face already on ‘ someone has to be a little desolate ‘-YOU LEARNED YOUR MATH She was in the hallway (she stood in front of my room door, I still had the door fixed because I could hear how she came up the stairs that there was a damn my side on it). By now I was 3 cm longer than she and 1000 times more defensimore (and therefore aggressive, or let me say so willing to defend myself).
She wanted to wring through the door and she was only bad.
Then there was something in it and I said to her ‘ What do you want to do now?Store? Come then beat me! ‘ Apparently that was the moment she realized that what she was doing was not good. After all these years of terror, nothing has happened.

Of course, I don’t have to tell you that punishment at my home is not present.
Makes my son an error, we look at it, he makes that mistake again, we see how that can and of course there are sometimes consequences.Punishment comes to me only in lessons. He already experiences it as a punishment because he has to expose figuratively with the buttocks at such a moment.

My parents did not believe in corporal punishment, we did not, we were dealt with punitive, we also often worked on our feelings of guilt/courage.

‘, ‘ In the PI (Peadagogic Institute attached to the VU) was also a cell where children could be trapped.My mother still had control over me and did not think it was right that I would be imprisoned there. If I was unrulable (actually passing in group leaders) I had to go to the dorm for punishment. I did not mind that. I could then read comics, and the punishment also felt increasingly like freedom. Once I had punishment I could do what I wanted, also from the dorm and walk through the building. Age 12. All in all not so often happened (about six to twelve times) and they were stuck with their hands in their hair with me.

“,” That’s not nice to read and also not to write on.Well, an example because I spoke about dysfunctional families just now. In his childhood, my father was beaten by his father with his trouser belt when he felt he had done something wrong. My father had therefore intended not to save his children. A few times N, a after he was raised by my mother to do so, he succeeded in doing so. But he had done as a sergeant-major in Dutch Indie. At one time, I was 12 and wanted to watch some longer TV. That’s good they are very friendly to me, stay seated until I go to bed and watch. When he went to bed, he said, “You wanted to watch TV a little longer? The test image was the only thing still to be seen, then he said: “You are going to stand in front of the TV and then you can watch 7 hours of TV until tomorrow morning (to the test image) and do not dare to go from your place”. So to pass and in the middle of the night he came again to see if I still stood there, that was so and also at seven o’clock in the morning. So he did not beat his children, but treated me as a captured Indonesian rebel, who (the Dutch executioners) by Sleep Depri-vation (making you hit in a kind of schizophrenic state) always got to talk.

They abusing me out gave me house arrest no pocket money if I had bad luck a pack of rattles

Penalties?Actually not.

But that was still the time when a father’s sharp gaze was ample.No fathy kul here!

House arrest for several months hahaha

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