What scientific ideas or theories block progress?

>>>Which scientific ideas or theories block progress?<<<

Ideas and theories are information generated in the brain.

Only their manifestation, as a proclamation of ideas, as a theory-writing, that can make a difference, as a secondary information SOURCE.Whether, for example, a Crea-Zionist text has an intellectual stagnation in the people is deposed. Much more interesting is the proclamation of the same Crea Zionists that the proclamations of Mr. Charles DARWIN are a kind of source of information, the ideology of social Darwinism. But this is a slander of Mr Darwin.

I am aware of a rather serious case where a crony in a totalitarian state, by supporting his PSEUDO-scientific proclamations (a re-edition of LAMARCKism), has an intellectual and economic Regression caused:

Trofim Lyssenko – Wikipedia

China, too, has been severely affected by this – in the cultivation of rice:

Great Chinese Famine – Wikipedia

(Famine = Famine)

“Along with collectivization, the central government decreed several changes in agricultural techniques based on the ideas of Soviet pseudoscientist Trofim Lysenko.

One of these ideas was close planting, whereby the density of seedlings was at first tripled and then doubled again.The theory was that plants of the same species would not compete with each other. In practice they did, which stunted growth and resulted in lower yields.

Another policy (known as “deep plowing“) was based on the ideas of Lysenko’s colleague Terentiy Maltsev, who encouraged peasants across China to eschew normal plowing depths of 15-20 centimeters and instead plow extremely deeply into the soil (1 to 2 “I’m notThe deep plowing theory stated that the most fertile soil was deep in the earth, and plowing unusually deep would allow extra strong root growth. However, in shallow soil, useless rocks, soil, and sand were driven up instead, burying the fertile topsoil and again severely stunting seedling growth.”

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