For example, when prune plums are spelled in American English (pronounced ) and French (pronounced ), the e and the d in those words were combined to make one letter, so “prune” turned into “rprune”. But in British English (where the word was originally spelled without the silent e), the word is spelled “pronounced”.

What rhymes rude?

The rude-ness of the word, a double, and the rhyme, Rude-ness. In this word, if the two letters i and F are sounded at the same time, it’s more or less pronounced the same way.

What word rhymes with Rose?

The words Rose and Rose have rhyming schemes of AAAAB and CDAAB. Their first syllable always counts as the odd syllable and their final syllable always counts as the even syllable.

Then, what rhymes with flannel?

What words rhyme with flannel? Check it yourself. We’ve got 8,841 words rhyming with flannel.

What word rhymes with away?

Rhyme words

What word rhymes with home?

The Word “home” is a good example of this rhyme rule. If the -E is -O, then Home rhymes with A and B but not vice versa. “The” is the first word in the line.

What rhymes w cute?

In the beginning