What quack is so blatantly fake that you can’t believe that people buy or believe it anyway?

The Mormon faith.That belief was based on the revelations of Joseph Smith in the 19th century. Actually, I have to say that almost every religion is so clearly fake, that it is almost a miracle that people believe in it.

An illiterate warrior-trader has a revelation and then a perfect reminder of an entire book?And the Angel Gabriel, who first spoke Arameisch, speaks only Arabic on that occasion?

Or Christianity.Fantastic thought, the creator creates his creation with flaws, then recommends them to be perfect and punish them if they cannot.

In principle, all that has to do with homeopathy (do not confuse phytotherapy).

SOURCE Wikipedia: Homeopathy is an alternative medicine* Based on the ideas formulated in 1796 by German physician Samuel Hahnemann.The most important of these is the principle of equality, which implies that a homeopathic medicinal product* *, according to Hahnemann, is suitable for treating a disease if the medicine in a healthy person has the same disease symptoms which the sick suffers.

The homeopathic treatment consists of prescribing homeopathics, that is to say potentiations (stepwise strong dilutions in combination with shaking) of substances that would in pure form evoke the same symptoms as the disease to be combated.Although homeopathy is one of the most studied alternative medicine, the attributed clinical efficacy is not supported by scientific evidence.The functioning of homeopathy is no greater than that of placebo.End Quote.

* Is not a cure given that one does not fight disease symptoms but just excites to prepare the data subject for any disease.What that should be is a mystery. Apparently there is a glass sphere in which one can determine in advance which disease one is going to incur.

* * Is therefore not a medicine but actually a pathogen.

Fortunately, the dilution of that nature is that the active substance is present in regarded as. Actually totally absent.Homeopathy assumes that the substance is absorbed into the memory of the solvent medium (water, alcohol). Yes, I know, laugh withhold! Homeopathen also have feelings!

For those who believe in it, save money and take a sip of seawater.The dilution is of the same order and has also been well shaken in all those millions of years. And in terms of memory, it cannot stretch, all the elements of the world have ever been in contact with it. You can take the urine. If you really want to be deceived, I’ll sell you that seawater at 鈧?5.00 per liter.

Every year less money goes to health care, because we supposedly do not come out with the budget.As a result, today’s doctors have become so uneasy in prescribing medicines.

They don’t get that much money anymore to give the right care to people.

For example, elderly people, where they are so lax about these days.Those people get 20 types of medications prescribed, if they have difficulty walking or suffer from certain back-clads.

There is no more extensive examination of what the patient suffers from and how it should be treated.

Sometimes such people just need attention and movement instead of 20 pills with all sorts of other side effects that may again suffer from other health problems.

If you can’t sleep, take a hot cup of milk or keep watching TV until you fall asleep.But no, you get a heavy painkiller or sleeping pill prescribed. Or people take that nowadays themselves very quickly, because they think that is a better option.

Elderly people who have to have a certain medicine, for example, who have to wait for their stuff again.

It turns out that the wrong medicines have been used afterwards.Or that a patient dies due to the wrong medications. Though you are talking about other ailments, where you get wrong kind of antibiotics or ointments.

And so it is with care for everyone.Young and old.

I am not talking about the care provided by the ambulance staff or nurses.These are our heroes.

The long waiting times in the hospital.The problems start literally when you come to the Bali. You must always wait an hour at least. And if you are finally in the turn, you will not always be listened to, and you will be forwarded to the pharmacy where you can pick up your medicine as soon as possible.

The UNAUTHORIZED party is at your own risk.For you know that it is not a muhumuza of yourself to have your health suspended from it. But the danger lies with the COMPETENT party, because that party should be obliged to take care of the health of their patients and that often no longer does.

Today’s health care is becoming increasingly neater.Patients ‘ complaints are often not answered. And full attention to a patient is also not given more carefully.

Think you can speak of a modern version of quackery.

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