What psychological factors cause exam anxiety and information that raises problems?

Be careful because I’m going to explain step by step how the process works.:

Detecting signals first goes through the eyes to the thalamus (which decrypting the signals) and finally the amygdala.

This is the emotional part of our brain. This makes us react angry, happy or stressed. Then signals will pass to the neocortex, the ‘ rational ‘ part of our brain. That means that our emotions take precedence over the neocortex on our attitudes and how we think. Our logical thinking is also influenced by our emotions.

Your emotions search in memory (hippocampus) for actions that can help with survival.However, the choices made by the emotions are not always convenient. For example, if you have had an accident outside. Mind the Brain:

“Then I better always stay at home for my own safety.”

Negative emotions can also hinder us during our exam.

They try to prevent accidents by thinking excessively and by predicting. At the same time, we are also losing our concentration in that negative thinking. Emotional Intelligence is therefore also much more important than normal intelligence.Because if you have your emotions under control, you can also better think, concentrate, and be more motivated.

The SAT test was a method to predict how pupils would perform at school.

The SAT test looks very much like an IQ test and measures the intelligence of a person. Pupils with higher IQ should perform better according to the score, but that was not the case. Pupils who were emotionally intelligent could perform much better because they were more motivated and concentrated. They are also less hampered by certain cases.

  • That means you can have all the knowledge in your head, but if you are distracted by your emotions you are still not thinking rationally.

But speaking of IQ testing, is it not more important that we look at people’s potential instead of people to prevote their identity?

In my opinion, the IQ test is inconsistent.

Also the model is quite old…

Everyone is smart in its own way.

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