What psychological conditions are misrepresented in the media? And how come you think?

[“Pretty much all.

  • Depressed-one means ‘ sad ‘
  • Bipolar-one means ‘ changeable ‘
  • Psychotic-one means ‘ confused ‘
  • Autistic-one means ‘ attaches to structure ‘, or ‘ Beware of details ‘
  • Psychopath-one means ‘ is a einzelganger ‘
  • OCD-Men mean ‘ attention details ‘ (gladly confused with autistic)
  • Neurotic-one means ‘ jittery ‘
  • ADD-men mean ‘ bit distracted ‘
  • ADHD-one means ‘ little pressure ‘

“,” A much-made flaw in the media, especially movies, is the difference between schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorder (DIS) better known as multiple personality syndrome (MPS).

Here are some differences which are explained briefly by the Bend.

MPS : This is a person who is involved as two or more people and can live in them.
Schizophrenia : This involves the loss of coherence between the different parts of the mind.

MPS : The personal change stems from memory loss
Schizophrenia : The behavior arises from total confusion.From a psychosis

MPS : Because of the different personalities, the patient is tapping into the world they are not able to.It is a kind of self-protection and a consolation for loneliness and fear.
Schizophrenia : The patient unlocks himself in plight situations and exhibits behaviors that cannot be understood.

MPS : The experiences of the personalities are not fabricated
Schizophrenia : The patient experiences events that are not actually there, but really seem to the patient.

MPS : Changing people in the long term is an addiction that a patient can no longer get rid of.
Schizophrenia : by means of medications and providing a favorable habitat, the patient can heal again.

But honestly, Schizo is just a tastier delight.

Do not forget the Dissociative identity disorder (DIS).

In Media (for example: Split and Glass of M. Night Shyamalan) The disorder is often depicted as being dangerous.As if someone who has DIS has an alter that is a killer, or something else lugubers.

No.People with DIS are severely traumatized during their childhood (for the 6 鈧?”9th Year of Life) and the odds are much bigger that they are doing something themselves, than others.

Even in media that depict the disorder reasonably accurately (for example: United states of Tara), the more ‘ visible ‘ variant is depicted.In This series, for example, the protagonist of outfit changes as she switches to another alter. This is of course necessary for the pleasure factor of a series, but in real this rarely goes so far and it will rarely be visible to outsiders or acquaintances that someone switches to another alter. Only people who know the person in question very well or who know different alters will notice the switch.

A mental illness is only affirmatively to be diagnotized by someone who has studied neurology more deeply.The media is but at one thing it benefits and that is how more readers of the article the better the sales. Mental illnesses are not so much misrepresented by the media but more exploited on the value of the turnover it can represent. In the past, ADHD was still an unknown and not medically recognized disease but because the pharmaceutical industry noticed it could gain profits, it came increasingly into the news and gradually 30% of the world had symptoms of ADHD. In my personal opinion, this generation of ADHDrs is not mentally ill, but it is mainly due to our change in our eating pattern and everyone knows that too much sugar intake causes overactive brains and too much energy.

The media was seated together with accredited professors in neurology at the time to group these individuals into a new form of a psychological illness called ADHD purely, with importance on the sale of available tranquilizers for this Invented by the pharmaceutical industry.

As a matter of course, you will also see more psychological illnesses in the media that cannot be calibrated entirely medically, but because the media also influences it, the disease sells itself as affirmatively diagnosed and therefore consumers take Because of their ignorance in the medical industry.It has been shown very often that the placebo effect is powerful enough to manipulate the brain.

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