What problems come with money?

There are no problems with money at all, on the contrary.Money has been invented to make things a little easier.

Presumably it was a stonemason who invented money.

In a world without money, the stonemason went to the butcher and the baker every day and wanted to buy bread and sausage.He paid with gravestones every day. The baker and the butcher were given too many tombstones and they could also change badly.

Then one came up with the idea of inventing something that was to serve as an arrangement among all and could serve as the equivalent.At first they took stones, shells and the like, but quickly realized that the currency was not clear and unstable.

Then they invented the money.A clear announcement, notes and coins, the value of which everyone knew because it was on it.

Many problems of trade had already been solved.

Money is not the problem, it is interest and interest.

Both forms of interest are value creations out of nowhere.Both are like enslavement and not in nature.

Nowhere in the universe is there anything like interest.This is utterly perverse and the cause of all evil in the world. Because somewhere the profits have to come, someone has to work for the rich to get their interest. Nothing comes of nothing.

An apple from the point of view of nature has a value.It has a clearly quantifiable mass, a composition of certain materials, vitamins, minerals, fiber. The apple has these values, whether anyone is interested in it or not.

He got this value from the tree, which in turn took these materials out of the ground and started a metabolism with the help of the sun’s rays.All this has to be determined quantitatively and qualitatively precisely. And no problem at all.

Even if no one eats the apple, it retains its value until it rots and thus returns its value to the soil, i.e. Mother Nature.A perfect system.

And then merchants come and want to have interest.why? That’s why they hoard money? They don’t have to. Can you do something sensible.

Thus the religion of eternal growth arose….. The belief in value creation from nowhere.And no one bothers. Everyone is taking part.

And that only works as long as nature can be exploited.Imagine that all the mineral resources that Mother Nature is being robbed of would have to be paid as a purchase price.

You don’t put a rig there and pump it out diligently!Mother Nature holds up her hand and says, “I made the oil X-million years ago and stored it for as long as it costs, if you want to pump it out now, X.XXX per litre. The same reasoning as all merchants use. But nature has no lobby…. You can steal them wherever you can….

When two planets meet, one says, “Huh, but you don’t look good at all.” “Yes, I have a man,” the other replies.”Don’t worry, they disappear by themselves.”

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