What parts of science are not to be understood for the human mind?

There is still a great deal of science that we cannot grasp with our human mind.There are many phenomena that are not (yet) to be explained and we first need supportive knowledge to come up with a statement for those phenomena.

The most famous part of science that is not to be summarized knows everyone: quantum physics, or quantum mechanics.A lot of scientists are doing their best to contain it but there is not 1 spirit that fully understands it. We can oberservaties them that we do describe and predict somewhat but the why and largely the how to completely escape us. How come, for example, that in the quantum world completely random particles arise and disappear again?

This say many quantum physicists themselves too.When they get the direct question of whether they really understand what they are doing there is no one that will answer yes. It is simply a too bizarre world to imagine.

A practical example: a four-dimensional cube.The concept exists and we know how to put it together but there is no one who can make a real representation there (despite the attempts in animations and geometry), because our brains are not made to think in 4 dimensions.

Science is people’s work, so everything that science comes up with can be understood by people.

However not by all people. Because it demands a certain level of intelligence to be able to understand more abstract concepts and the underlying logic-let alone conceive.

Especially in the natural sciences, science is quite often opposed to our intuition.That is a clue to many pseudo-skeptics that science is not right, but actually it is a problem with our intuition.

We have developed an intuition that is suitable for beings of about a metre eighty high, who had the most fear of the creatures in the trees around them and in the tall grass.Understanding time as a linear dimension was important to understand cause and effect, which allowed us to learn and improve.

As soon as science goes into either a much smaller scale, or on a much larger scale, it becomes very difficult to create a performance for us.The idea that there has been a situation in which there was no time, or no space, is very counter-intuitive. Or think of evolution: How eyes have emerged is good to explain, but it is difficult for many people to contain the scale of millions of years well.

A laughable, and well-explaining example, I myself find the claim of FlatEarthers that they do not yet see the bulging of the Earth from their aircraft.10 kilometers of altitude is for us-beings of around 1.80 meters high-of course very high. But on the scale of the Earth, which has a radius of 6371 kilometers, it is only 0.15%-about no difference with on the ground so.

Science relies heavily on mathematics, the very first thing you need to have in order to be able to contain the most important scientific insights, is a good sense of numbers, proportions and a rudimentary knowledge of geometry.

That makes it for a large part of the people not to be contained. To keep doing your best is then the best solution, thinking that you can refute things that you do not understand is the stupidest.Unfortunately, people from that last category make most Youtube videos.

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