What part of their history are the Dutch least proud of? Has it been deleted from the history books?

The Dutch Waffen-SS

Tens of thousands of Dutch people fought at the SS. Their operations and eventual involvement in war crimes are quite poorly documented and even less familiar to the public.

During the Battle of Arnhem, Dutch people probably fought on the German side, but that was not desirable to mention in the classical works.



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That’s a whole list I think:

  • Help with Jews persecution
  • NSB
  • Fighting with the Germans in WW2
  • Slavery/slave trade
  • Many actions in the former Dutch Indies (war on Aceh, etc.)
  • Do not offer help with the invasion of Ambon
  • Crimes committed at the water Geuzen (torture, etc.)
  • Srebrenica (although I believe that this could have been avoided with the help of the UN, so that the whole world would have been able to look at LAF)
  • And I have forgotten something.

It is important to recognise that this is part of our history and to make it negotiable without pointing out fingers but learning so that it does not happen again because we recognise situations in a timely manner.

Good question.In particular, I think that the colonization practices are rather different in the books. The Dutch have murdered an entire island in Indonesia and replaced the population because of the nutmeg cultivation and trade, and they suddenly felt that that island was the property of the VOC. Incidentally, I was at a primary school in the years 60 and these things were all dealt with. Slavery was also extensively dealt with. I would still like to see my old history books, because I think they were rather objective. The signature of the publisher. Would be nice to have a look at marketplace for those books (patriotic history or something)

The treatment of Jewish people who came back from Germany is also not so proud of the Dutch.This is also included in history books.

I think it’s more about the nuances how t would be displayed now.

Political correctness had a whole different meaning in 1960 than now.

The Siege of Ostend, a long-lasting conflict in the history of the 80 years ‘ war.After more than three years and 150,000 deaths ex injured, the siege to Ostend is similar to a Verdun. Because the Dutch government eventually lost, this passage from the history books of the 80 Years War disappeared.

Well, lately, in particular, the colonization and the slavery past have been something, where a large proportion of the Dutch are very much ashamed of, and not wrongly.

As far as I know in the history of lessons, the emphasis is placed on the Second World War, but nothing is deleted.

The Tenenkrommende sitcoms of the early nineties.

The actions in Indonesia just after one was freed from a terrorist regime.It seems to have been largely deleted. The Soviet Union’s commitment to the liberation of Europe is also largely under the carpet.

Books by Ewalt Van Vugt Read,

The Netherlands has also had an aggression war, precisely after its own liberation at the end of Wwii against its colony/annexation Indonesia.

France and the Netherlands committed dozens of war crimes and genocides after the end of the Second World War (after the liberation of colonialists and slave masters) to reclaim their Anschluss.When the colonial France was defeated, another rogue, the United States continued the illegal aggression war against the real Untermenschen and committed war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocides. The V. S committed genocide of 5 million people by meeting the Vietnamese from Weapons of mass destruction (Napalm, phosphorus), a crime against humanity.

Europeans and their descendants (NATO) have the devilish power to declare the peoples of Vietnam as non-human and thus no body-count, no war crimes, no genocides…

Colonial Europe and the imperialist United States of America (US) are great perpetrators of war crimes, crimes against humanity, they have committed the largest and longest holocaust of the last 500 years, the greatest robbers of the wealth of The weak rest of the world.

80% of the planet’s boundaries were imposed with extreme violence by colonial Europe.

European colonialists are 鈧?艙civiliafd 鈧?because they have the demonic military power to consider the indigenous population of other continents, slaves, colonized as genuine Untermenschen, no humans-no bodycount.

The negationism of Europeans over the colonial Holocaust proves that they are fundamentally racists, regard the victims as inferior/Untermenschen.

With a few words one can explain the European colonial genocide: power/True 脙艙bermenchen/good/civilized and peoples of other continents: weakly/Genuine Untermenschen/bad/terrorists.

Europeans have annexed south, Central, North America, Oceania (Australia, New Zealand), Polynesian, parts of Afrika 鈧?娄.

France and the United States have each still 10 colonies, Anschluss.

France still occupies new Caledonia, R脙 漏 Union, Mayotte, Tahiti, Marquesas Islands, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique, Marie-Galante, Guyana, Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, Archipelago des Kergueles, La Terre-Ad脙 漏 lie, Wallis et Futuna 鈧?娄

France has approximately 20,000 soldiers outside of France, in approximately 10 countries and also on the different colonies/Anschluss.

The U.S. still occupy Bahia de Guantanamo, Hawaiian, Alaska, Diego Garcia, Guam, Puerto Rico, Marshall Islands, Mariana Islands, Virgin Islands and part of Samoa island 鈧?娄

Colonial Europe and European migrants have, with extreme violence, stolen the land of indigenous peoples of the other continents, First Nations, the country’s true owners and the natural realm of domen.I think that these cruel aggressors, occupants, thieves have to pay a decent compensation for the past and from now on pay 1000 euro per month to the indigenous people, the real owners of the wealth of the countries.

France, Great Britain, V. S have also carried out their atomic trials in the countries of the real Untermenschen.They have poisoned the indigenous people, agricultural soils, oxygen….

European colonialism and European imperialism (United States) have been 500 years of great Nazism, great fascism and great terrorism.Denying the European colonial Holocaust is the biggest deafpot in the history of the last 500 years.

Colonial Europe and the European imperialists in North America (US) have committed hundreds of genocides after the end of WOll against the freedom and independence of the peoples of the colonies, e.g.Algeria, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Setif 1945, Madagascar 1947, Cameroun1955.

The colonies have obtained their partial independence only for decades (1980) After the end of the Second World War.Economically, militarily, they have always remained neo-colonies. When they began to engage in economic relations with Russia and China, or when rivalries arose between the predatory colonial Powers (France, Great Britain, United States…), they were bombarded and coups were committed. Practically in all civil wars and coups in the former colonies, the above mentioned reasons were in force.

Liberation for the European colonialists, masters of the planet Aggression wars, occupation, oppression, exploitation for the colonized, for the real Untermenschen 鈧?娄

European colonialists and European migrants, American imperialists have not fought for the freedom of mankind but only fought for their own liberation and to preserve their world supremacy and dominance. For the 鈧?虄free World of the true Ubermenshen, the freedom to remain colonialists and preserve the colonies.

Every bomb attack is a Potential terrorist attack and they have committed millions of bomb attacks.Since January 1991, the beginning of the illegal aggression against Iraq, the United States has committed a genocide of about 6 million Muslims.

The Western media are only spokespersons of the predatory interests of these true 脙艙bermenschen, colonial Europe and European Raptors in America (the USA).

Naming America s Own Genocide



The American Indian Holocaust, known as the 500 year war 鈧?and the World s Longest Holocaust In The History Of Mankind

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